Any DVD 6165 Ripper problems

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    I upgraded from ANYDVD 6125 to the latest 6165. I can no longer rip the exact same DVD with the new version that I could with the 6125 version. Same type of problem on 2 different computers both running XPSP2. I uninstalled 6165, reinstalled 6125 and I can successfully rip the DVD once again. Must be a bug in the software?

    Here are the error messages I received:
    PS 10 VOBU 4 82242 83 Clone 6 from one computer, and this error from the other using the same disk:
    PS 10 VOBU 4 197817 100 Clone 6

    Initially the reason I was ripping the DVD is due to an error i received in CloneDVDmobile :
    Invalid block start code
    One or more blocks may have been corrupted by a prior copying process....Try copying files to hard drive first.

    I could successfully use cloneDVD mobile after I ripped the files with anyDVD6125
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    Colud you please post the anydvd status window here (from and
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    This is logical. Newest AnyDVD uses the same ripper code as CloneDVD / mobile, so it stops at the same error - an invalid block start code.