Antigua-based software developer charged for breaching country’s copyright laws

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by gsingh13, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Pelvis Popcan

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    Well, regardless of the rights and wrongs of the matter and other issues of business ethics and such, I would say (analytically speaking) that SlySoft has lost some integrity with the whole lifetime license thing. Not with the software of course, but on the business side. The next time SlySoft runs a similar kind of event (providing they stay around to do so :eek:), people will be reluctant to trust them. That is why it is very important for any business to always be extremely certain of their decisions before publicly running with them.

    People who purchased a lifetime license got a great product and will save money in the long run (again, providing SlySoft is able to stay around!), but I have to say I do feel bad for people who bought several lifetime licenses because they were dismayed at the idea of never being able to buy one again, and even more so if the powers that be manage to shut SlySoft down (God forbid).
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    Like wise, I only come accross the offfer last week and glad the lifetime license was still availible for me to purchase which i promptly did. I dont see what all the big fuss is about, the fact that people purchased the lifetime license must have ment they obvioulsy liked the product and thought it good value for money regardless of the dead line.
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    Seriously, if you purchased "several" lifetime licenses (at what, $103) simply because you were dismayed at the prospect of never having them again if you did not really have to have them, then you have serious money management issues that need to be worked out and judging Slysoft's integrity should be a distant second priority.

    Look, Slysoft of course wants to sell more licenses, but they do have what i consider a very liberal use policy. You can use the same licenses on different machines in your network provided that you do not use them at the same time. So if you are using multiple licenses, that implies that you are playing back on HTPCs in which case, you can be making unencrypted copies so you shouldn't HAVE TO have AnyDVDHD on all your computers.
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    My point exactly but for some users it seems they have other issues with Slysoft so they rehase another compliant from another user to justify their reasoning which has no merit. And as PrincipalityFusion says that user had more issues then Slysoft and was just using Slysoft for reasons unrelated to Slysoft. As stated by PrincipalityFusion
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    True but then again people still use it so whether integrity was lost or not at this point in time is mute since those that complain about the issues still use it? Or have other issues unrelated to Slysoft themself but like to grab for straws when there is nothing to grab for. Don't you find that ironic they complain but still use the software?? Or as another poster says
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    Just wanted to throw in my $0.02 on the matter...

    The Lifetime option was the BEST money i ever spent. I have been using SlySoft products since they were introduced in 2003 and have never been more happy. Best Customer service (around the clock support), and a team of people that are friendly and easy to work with.

    I am hereby happy that the LifeTime option is still there and SlySoft did us a favor by leaving the lifetime policy intact. :rock::rock:

    SlySoft is simply the best, thanks for being around :bowdown:
  7. Frank

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    We all appreciate you expressing your satisfaction this way. Thanks! :)
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    Personally, I feel the same. :)
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    Idd, the guys that wine about the lifetime should really get over it. Purchase a few renewals and you've spent the same amount as a lifetime yet your still bound by a time restriction. When i bought Anydvd HD i immediately went for lifetime as i already knew it would save me cash in the long run. Hell i even offered them to update the dutch translation and my offer was accepted, i won't deny ididnt benefit from it but that's not what i did it for.

    I love the product, and if there's a way i can contribute to programs i use a lot and that will make it available in my native language then why wouldnt i. I think everyone will agree that if you can get a program in your native language it will be a whole lot easier to work with and understand. AnyDVD HD also isnt the only program i've translated. Finished Internet Download Manager translation too couple weeks back (but thats besides the point).

    I just like to contribute to great products
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    Honestly, I didn't get banned because of some kind of vendetta I have with slysoft. Someone else mentioned it in another post and I too would like to point out that there is no issue with the product, the issue I have or rather had with slysoft is the way they went about it.
    People are confusing the products quality with "business ethics" if you like. The issue I have with slysoft is their business ethics. just because their product is awesome doesn't give anyone the right to go about making promises, not keeping them and then being silent about it.
    Anyway I want to say a couple more things before I move on. I've wasted enough time with this already.
    I don't think people who are saying "if you dont like it dont use the software", "if you have an issue with it take it up with slysoft directly and not in public" are right. And there are two reasons for this, first is because it's not about the products itself and second slysoft's announcements and advertisments were extremely public so I think it's right that those people who are unhappy with the ads and promotion voice thier issue publicly.
    If slysoft's reponse was just "we're sorry, we didn't mean to mis lead you, we apologize" I would have left it at that. But instead all I got was attitiude and that is wrong.
    Since my post I have recieved 2 further emails from slysoft and the only reason I'm not going to post them is because I can't be bothered. The 2 emails I got were in direct contrast. The first said "YOU chose to click on it, YOU made the decision" and on and on. And yes the words "you" were in block capitals. the second email I got was a very empathetic and understanding one (after I posted my emails on the forum I might add). They even went so far as giving me a full refund and this offer of a refund has even been posted on the forum by a senior member. If they'd have just given me a sincere apology in the first place I wouldn't have been bothered about the refund but it was the principal.
    And all those people who keep saying "oh stop moaning, the software is great, businesses change their mind and stop complaning" and whatever else, well to be perfectly honest I'm not really interested. I had a discrepency and I had a backbone to do something about it instead of doing nothing and being treated unfairly. As a result they're giving me a full refund which shows some character but all I ever wanted was a simple little apology. And yes I have concerns that anydvd may not be around for too long but thats for another day.

    Finally I do want to say I like the product because they've got great software developers like James who I've had the good fortune of communicating with directly. Anyway thats enough from me and people can make whatever opinions they want because I've said all I've had to say.
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  11. jokesonme

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    And he still carries on whinging. I believe he used this forum to get his money back and keep his lifetime license.
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  12. Ch3vr0n

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    nope, key got blacklisted
  13. mike20021969

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    All that means is he can carry on using that key with the program version it works with.
    He wont be able to update though.
  14. davinleeds

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    My only complaint is I hate the thought of not having Slysoft. So delete this thread :)
  15. Recycle

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    That make no sense at all???
  16. Pelvis Popcan

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    Trial is today. Is the outcome available to the public somewhere, for those interested?
  17. barryware

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    I'm no lawyer but I believe today would be the first of many days in court. These things typically do not get settled in one visit.

    Good news is, the website is still up and running.
  18. fast eddie

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    Yea, and they usually get pushed out to a later date or postponed on purpose. And also, more good news AnyDVD HD is still available

    Is there a website for the Antiqua based newspaper? Anyone know the formal name for the Antiqua based newspaper? With my luck the newspaper is owned by Sony and the MPAA and would be extremely biased or in reality just wrong.
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    "While there is talk of millions of dollars lost by companies operating legally to those in contravention of the WIPO treaty, if found guilty, the maximum fine Bettini faces is $10,000 or two years in prison."

    Since SlySoft is an off shore company (not under US rules), is this all there really is too this?
  20. Recycle

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    And there lies the Irony in the suite. US rules applies to US territory and US land not to other countries. Nor can the US impose it's Laws to other sovereign nation and their laws. And yet claim to be a rights of all people around the world. That is what is is called a hypocrite. ""Do as I say not as I do"". This is a famous quote the US like to make alot of but doesn't follow it's own law to enforce upon itself. Or rather go after bigger fishes that have bigger offshore accounts another Irony in this story. There's is my .02 cents for the story.