Antigua-based software developer charged for breaching country’s copyright laws

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    After reading some posts I came across this article It's so strange why slysoft are keep tight lipped at what is quite frankly an appalling way to treat customers. Why advertise an end to a life time license service and then after a month and a half still have it available? Not only that, the way they went about advertising it and now all of a sudden keeping quite is very suspicious.
    After reading this article (see link above) it's beggining to make sense. I'm getting the impression they're trying to get all the money they can because they have a very serious court case looming. With film makers and studios going on and on about copyright theft more and more, how long do slysoft expect people are just going to continue letting them carrying making their "back up" software and get away with it. I personally think it's a very good software and here lies the rub.
    I want to share this thought with everyone just like slysoft very kindly shared their thoughts with me and in public about what would happen if I missed the "deadline". I'm personally starting to think that Anydvd's days are number which is why they did what they did and are doing what they're doing - keeping silent.
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    “Saying nothing...sometimes says the most.” Emily Dickinson
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    how do you mean?
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    You should know more after March 9, after the first round in court. Settlement could come soon or could take years. Depending on the agreements.

    Hopefully Slysoft has a back-up plan if the courts rule against them. They could resurface at a later date with different owners and a different corportation name. Back-up plans could become being a corporation that ONLY developes a Cinavia removal tool. That type of tool could really dent their pocketbook and a chance to get even with the petitioners.

    History says the same thing that has happened to other great software companies, on the surface they don't exist anymore and have gone belly up. And you can bet the respondents want to get even.

    Gone are the days of past back-up procedures with the introduction of Cinavia and new world of protection is with us. New rules, new game, and nothing stays the same.
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    Here's a good advice STOP using slysoft software...if you feel that much concern don't use the software. Your story link couldn't be so far from the CHINA is the biggest violator but MPAA/RIAA don't even make a peep about CHINA...
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    Since SlySoft started in 2003 we have had several issues like that. Our strategy was always to get it solved without any noise. We'll keep it that way. Thank you for your understanding.
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    So there you have it folks. You wanted a response from Slysoft, you got it. Actually, you got a couple, but that's here nor there.

    Anyways, Slysoft is a business. The only thing they owe us is the great products and customer service that we've paid for. No one from Slysoft has to tell anyone outside the company one single thing about thier legal gameplan or how they feel about a specific lawsuit.

    And any lawyer worth his salt will tell a client not to try to litigate in the public forum. It makes it harder to have to explain it later when the other side has twisted it or otherwise used it against you. Slysoft is doing right to be silent on the issue. Want to know how the case is going, read the papers or go down to Antigua and follow the local new.

    Wish you guys the best and if you start a legal fund, just let me know where to send my few bucks.
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    Why should I stop using it just because I have concerns especially when I've paid to use it. If I've paid to use it I have a right to be concerned.

    When I said they are "keeping silent" I wasn't referring to their legal battle ahead I was referring to their failure in explain why they haven't still got rid of the lifetime license after a month and half and I'm still waiting for a response.
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    I agree. The response that Recycle gave was not civil. The original post was questioning why Slysoft has not ended the lifetime purchasing option and why they are not giving a reason for it. gsingh13 was just speculating about the reasons why Slysoft is keeping silent about it as I did in another thread.
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    What in the holy heck are you talking about.
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    Tom's given us a response.
    This thread is now going nowhere fast.
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    Well I have to say I would be totally lying if I said I wasn't worried that AnyDVD might be going away for some time or forever sometime soon. It really would suck to lose it. Hope that doesn't happen.
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    Well I don't care too much for Tom's response. I contacted slysoft directly and here is what they had to say.

    ME: Hello. I recieved an email from you saying the lifetime license will no longer be available from the 1st January 2011 and that I should purchase it now or else it will be gone forever. Can you please explain to me why, as of 16th Feb 2011, it is still available?

    SLYSOFT: Thank you for your e-mail. At the time we announced that we were going to implement that course of action due to cost restructuring. Due to the resonance from our customers we are rethinking this cost factor and
    will come up with an alternative. This does not affect the value of buying lifetimes instead of termed licenses.

    ME: Thank you for your reply. Your explanation isn't really any consolation to the money I had to spend at the time with your aggressive warnings and advertisments. I would like to request a partial refund because I feel I was mis-informed. Are you willing to give me at least a partial refund?

    SLYSOFT: The advertising was an offer, not a directive and you made a choice. We did also. We have found other ways to consolidate our costs and will not stop offering lifetimes, which turns out to be the better deal for everyone. You were not misinformed and in the long run will save money not having to renew ever again.

    ME: Well I disagree I think I was mis informed. You said you would end it at a certain time, you used this as an incentive for me to purchase it and you never did what you said you were going to do. That to me is miss selling. I want the details of your complaints procedure and I shall be speaking to the financial authorities. Further to this I shall be making my discrepency public and I shall share you unsatisfactory response with others on your forum.
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    That is more civil then I would like to give if you have a issue with software or company you would stop using their software there is not much more then that. That is their business model and how they manage it is based on their own internal decision and reason. Maybe they are being silent here because they have no real reason go public at this time and to do and not out here where people will read one way and interpret it another way. That is why airing in public is not good unless you know the consequences that words can be taken out of context or the semantics is interpreted the wrong way. Leading to misunderstanding and mistrust between either parties. Plus @misterfixit he didn't just talk one subject but two but you seem to locked onto only one part but forget to look at the second part would seem to indicate gsingh13 had some underlying issues with Slysoft to begin with as well. So as I said before one should read all the reply in context rather then just read what they like to read and trying to say something that isn't there.
  16. PrincipalityFusion

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    Honestly, I agree with you there. And I would even take it further. I think Slysoft should give you all your money back and be done with you. You sound like you're more trouble than it's worth.

    Seriously, you purchased a lifetime license that entitles you to free updates for the life of the product and somehow that's a bad thing!? Slysoft saw the customer response and responded by keeping the lifetime license for longer. In a normal world, we would call that a good thing. However, it's bad because you heeded the advice and purchased a lifetime license which entitles you to all the benefits of a lifetime license holder.

    If you would have just kept purchasing renewals, then in my opinion, slysoft saved you some money.
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    I don't think that he had an issue with the software - just an issue with the way Slysoft is handling the issue about lifetime licenses. Telling him to quit using the software does not answer his question.

    I don't think it makes good business sense for Slysoft to announce the discontinuance of lifetime licenses then change their mind and then try to keep it quiet. But I will stop here to keep from getting banned from the board like gsingh13 did.
  18. PrincipalityFusion

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    I don't know all the reasons that gsingh13 got banned, but if his posts are any indication, i can only imagine what was going on behind the scenes. I don't know why Slysoft didn't announce in big, bold, blinking lights that the lifetime license was not being discontinued. If they want to apologize for that, it's up to them.

    My point is that he seemed to be implying that they did it for nefarious reasons (so that Slysoft could get money up front for licenses) and i don't think that's valid because if you really couldn't afford a lifetime license, you weren't going to purchase one, period. Sure, they got some fence sitters to buy lifetime licenses, but after a couple years paying renewal fees, i'm guessing those folks would have purchased a lifetime license (after paying subscription fees mind you). So in the end, Slysoft saved the guy some dough.
  19. mike20021969

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    SlySoft wouldn't have 'won' either way it seems.

    If they had ended lifetime licenses without telling anyone, that would've been wrong.
    They said they were going to end lifetime licenses, changed their minds, and that is wrong, too.

    Anyone who has bought the lifetime license since 'that' e-mail announcement, stop stressing out. You saved a heap of money in the long run.

    Get over it and move on.
  20. Half_fast

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    Actually I'm glad the lifetime still exists because I couldn't afford it before the deadline. I will be purchasing it soon.