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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by bobe, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. bobe

    bobe Active Member

    After some great advise from the forum I am moving to Clone DVD with my Any DVD. My question is can I leave my AVG anti-virus software running in the back ground while burning a disc. Thank you all.
  2. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Yes, you can.
  3. Skizzo

    Skizzo Member

    I have never had or heard of any issues with any AV or firewall software. I would say it is O.K to leave on.
  4. bubbles19

    bubbles19 Active Member


    I have AVG running in the background during ripping/burning with no issues what so ever:agree:
  5. HT_Freak

    HT_Freak Member

    I have Symantec AV, and Zonealarm Pro running in the background with no issues or slowdowns at all burning any movies.
  6. DAB Badboy

    DAB Badboy Well-Known Member

    Zone Alarm Internet Security suite 7 doesn't complain at all either ...
  7. Androo79

    Androo79 Well-Known Member

    I have EZ Antivirus running in the background without any issues.
  8. Vegas

    Vegas Member

    I have Norton Internet Security, Spy Sweeper and System Mechanic 7 running and dont have any issues.
  9. dolfke

    dolfke New Member

    Only if your burner supports burnproof
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  10. Ajax

    Ajax Well-Known Member

    Yeah and if your burning A virus to a disk lol... Fly By Knight my master piece...
  11. stellacotton

    stellacotton Member

    +1 It shouldnt cause a problem.
  12. T-F

    T-F Active Member

    No issues but I add the DVD file extensions (e.g., VOB) to my AV exception list. I'm willing to loosen security a bit for performance...
  13. ttocsmij

    ttocsmij Member

    Should not be a problem.

    I am running Norton Internet Security on a 2.8GHZ Pentium D machine with 1.5GB RAM and never have had a problem duplicating my DVDs with AnyDVD / CloneDVD. I always suggest to folks that lots of memory covers a host of other shortcomings; as in, one can never have too much memory. :)
  14. itchykaboom

    itchykaboom Member

    McAfee internet Security works fine with all slysoft programs
  15. Dexter

    Dexter Member

    so does F-Secure:agree:
  16. khlb

    khlb Well-Known Member

    No rules without a few exceptions.

    Small comment on that:

    There are different limits to the amount of physical memory you can have if you are running on a 32-bit or a 64-bit operating system.

    Since most of us are running a 32-bit operating system:
    The absolute physical limitation of a 32-bit machine is 4 GB (2*32-1 = 4 GB), which should be shared by your physical devices and applications. So in XP 32-bit your total memory is shown as 3 GB total.