Anthologie Beatles: copie DVD impossible à visionner


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Sep 14, 2017
J'ai rippé les DVD de l'anthologie, puis gravés avec un peu de mal, mais lorsque j'ai visionné avec le lecteur de salon ça bloque au niveau du menu, lecture impossible.
My French speaking is limited. I understand it but writing is limited If you don't understand it let me know. I can continue in English.

Des bloqages dans player un backup est normalement primaire a cause de:

Graver trop vite
utiliser des disc blanc d'un qualité inexpensive/discutable. (Ridata, ritek,...)
Les deux option combiné

Le rip lui-meme, est le rip playable normal dans un playeur software sur pc comme PowerDVD. Si oui, AnyDVD a fait son boulot et le rip est bon. Si non, la probleme est limité au backup ou il-y-a une probleme avec decryption est un AnyDVD logfile de disc ORIGINAL est necessaire.

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Hello and thank you for your answer.
Any DVD works fine with other DVD copies, I have this problem just with the Beatles Anthology.
I use Nero to burn, at the end of the burning, Nero stayed for a long time with the FBI "Forbidden copy" image.
Would this 5-DVD set of 2004 be too well protected?
AnyDVD isn't the problem here most likely. Please answer the questions

1. Does the RIP itself, play properly in a software player like PowerDVD? If yes, then AnyDVD it's job.

It's highly unlikely to be a protection issue but more likely what I said above. Crappy blanks, burning too fast or both.

What are you using for blanks (brand and type) and what's your burn speed. Please provide an AnyDVD logfile from the original disc too.

As said

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Still thank you, I solved the problem using Clone DVD instead of Nero which is really no interest.
Best regards
Good to hear, CloneDVD is far superior to Nero. Ever since Nero 9 it's become nothing but crappy bloat ware

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