Antebellum (Lionsgate) old problem still lingers

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    Over a year ago, I ran into problems with Lionsgate discs that would decrypt, play (mostly) with s/w and h/w streaming players, but when that 'raw' unprocessed decrypt was burned, would simply not play in any standard (or even non-standard, I have a couple 'build yer owns') players.

    They would load to CloneBD, no problems. Processed in complete or partial mode, the result when burned would not play, stalling upon loading. When using CloneBD's internal menu generation feature, the resulting disc image would burn and play just fine, just not maintaining the original menu's.

    Back a year ago, I uploaded both a logfile and later a full rip, after folks didn't find anything that would cause these effects. I've noticed that various Lionsgate releases over the last year, since I simply stopped buying any of their products, folks have complained about them here, and gotten the usual refain of 'dirty disc'; but the folks never seem to respond back 'yep, deep cleaning solved the problem', so...?

    I relented recently and bought (used) the above disc, 'Antebellum'. Ran into the exact same problem I had a year ago. Without resorting to a microscope, it looked extremely clean, virtually brand new. I cleaned it anyway. Same result as before, I have the newest ripper, and burned the result directly without any post-processing, and it stalls upon loading. Tried deep cleaning. Ripped, burned, same result.

    So here's the logfile, I'm pretty sure that you'll see the same as a year ago, can't find the problem. I can again make some time to upload the full rip, but this particular disc is nearly 99.99% a full BD50, and I've had to tighten my internet belt this last year, so it would take at least two days to transfer, so be sure you really can't see anything before we go down that route again.

    So here is the logfile:

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