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    I have read several other topics about the bluray of Mechanic Resurrection, but none with a real solution. Most issues were fixed by sending the AnyDVD-logs, so here's mine.

    I have recreated an ISO of a ripped version of the movie because that's the only way to get PowerDVD play the disc correctly. Unfortunately, after about 7 minutes into the movie, the scenes are in the wrong order.

    Because I read somewhere that PowerDVD or the disc is checking for software like AnyDVD, I also tried playing the movie without AnyDVD running, but that also resulted in the wrong order of scenes.

    I hope the log can help.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Invalid logfile: that's a logfile from a decrypted iso. Only Original discs or protected logfiles are useful. Welcome to the world of screenpass. PowerDVD doesn't check for anything, the java code on the disc does.
  3. Pete

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    According to that log file, it looks like the disc was processed by AnyDVD either before the fix was added or you didn't have an internet connection at the time.
    You can safely delete that ISO, it's useless.
    You need to insert the original disc.
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    Ah, I see. Now say that, for some reason, I don't have the original disc at the moment but I do know which playlist is the correct one. Should I be able to fix this by adding the line 'playlists=<xxx>' to the disc.inf-file?
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    No, the damage is done. The right number would be assigned to a random incorrect playlist. There is no fix other than using the original disc. That's it.

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