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    Hi, I'm hoping somebody can help here. I've been trying to buy a second license a few times today, without any success. Each time the order page returns with a plaintext response saying 8720 EUR Refused Refused (followed by a long random string).

    I went through with my Credit Card company, and tried processing the order while they were on the phone. They said it showed as going through successfully on their side, and that the problem looked to be with the merchant (i.e. you guys). I must have tried 3 or 4 times today, and once on Monday.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

    EDIT: Just to add, I did check my junk mail and saw the notice saying I should tell my credit card issuer to accept charges I did exactly that while on the phone with my credit card company, and (as I'd mentioned above) he said everything appeared to go through fine on his end, but I still received the Rejected notice.
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    1) The amount of 8720 EUR is correct since amounts in financial transactions are sent without decimal point to avoid rounding errors.

    2) The plaintext response is from your banks, either
    a) they messed up the 3DS (3D Secure) redirection (or our payment provider messed it up) or
    b) Javascript is disabled in your browser

    Please try another browser or another credit card. From our side there is nothing we can do.
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    Okay, thanks for your help, Ivan. I switched to a MasterCard from a different bank, instead of a VISA, and did it through my iPhone's browser on LTE instead of FireFox on my desktop (to make sure I wasn't hitting any ad blocking from my router).

    This time it went through without any problem at all. I didn't notice it before, but on page 3 of the ordering process (on the Confirm your Details section), there's a green bar below my credit card details. When it wasn't working, that bar was mixed green and red. I'm guessing that means some detail of my address or phone or email wasn't matching what VISA had on file.

    Oh, worth noting, the response came through as plaintext again this time, even though it was a success. I have to guess it's a problem on your end since I changed so many variables (different browser, different platform, different ISP) and still got a plaintext response. Good to know the plaintext response wasn't any factor in it not processing though.

    I got the license file and invoice emails pretty much immediately. Thank you for providing an awesome service and customer support.
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