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    I have been following this forum as well as Doom9 for the last three months and I bought a good quad core PC with internal BR drive and the Toshiba HD-DVD drive (the XBOX 360 accessory) so I can jump from the DVD world into HD and really enjoyed my 1080p TV beyond the NFL :)

    I feel like I am back to 4 years ago to the days of VirtualDub and DivX so we could backup a DVD to a CD as the DVD media was too expensive! I have spent every weekend for the last 5 weeks trying to make sense of this.

    Anyway I now seem to have something kind of stable if I burn an ISO straight from the original disk to an HDD and play it pack with PDVD (imgburn and Deamon tools on Vista32). I have been trying also to load the movie folders from the HDD into PDVD (yeah I got version 3319a with update off and blocked by the firewall) with some success but not always (e.g. no luck with Shrek 3 HDDVD). Loading the movie file itself (Feature.EVO or the main m2ts file) will fail almost everytime in PDVD with various error messages depending on type of disc and encoding (VC-1, AVC, etc...).

    So my ISO question is: Has anyone have success in creating an ISO with less than the full movie folders? For example with only the main feature movie? And then mount it and play it back in PDVD? I would not mind saving some space on my NAS while knowing that it will work everytime.

    At the same time does someone know why it works when you create the ISO from the original disk but does not work if you create the ISO after ripping using anyDVD-HD? What kind of mechanism anyDVD provides to make it work from original but it will not work from HDD? This is really mysterious to me (oh and yes I use UDF 2.5 and Nero 8 and all that so this is not the issue...!)

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    I'm working on this concept right now with one of my Blu-ray movies. I don't have time to check the ISO at the very moment but later today I will check it out to make sure it works. It's a movie only ISO with only the video and main audio streams rebuilt into a new Blu-ray structure. If you're interested to see how this is done, see here:

    Read the thread fully. You'll see what I'm trying to do on the last page.
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    SamuriHL, Below is a quote from the page on the link you provided, but I don't see Imgburn on the homepage, is there somewhere else to download it ?

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    No, not yet. It's still in private beta. I don't have it, either. I wish I did! It's release is coming from what I'm told. No idea when, though.
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    Ok m8 thanks, hopefully soon, I love image burn.
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    Yea, me too. I had to use Nero 8 to create my Blu-ray ISO last night. I'll hopefully be able to try it out in a couple hours when my video machine is free. If it works, it'll be so sweet. Pairing down a Blu-ray to just the main movie and only the streams you actually care about will save a lot of space.
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    ISO Troubleshooting...

    Here's how you can determine if it's an ISO container issue or if you have something missing from you HD Folder Copy.

    Use a program like UltraISO that allows you to edit the files and folders in an ISO. Remove the files and folders from the working ISO and copy in the files from you hard drive based movie.

    At this point, save the modified ISO and test.

    If you still have problems, then at least you know it's not a container issue (i.e. ISO issue) and that the issue is that something is missing from your movie folders. If it works, then you need to look at how your are creating the ISO from folders and most likely you are having some sort of container format issue (from your message I would have assumed it was a UDF 2.5 issue so I'm a bit baffled to be blunt).

    Good Luck,
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    So my first experiment with creating a movie only Blu-ray ISO has failed. It plays about 3 seconds and then PowerDVD 3319a completely locks up and has to be force killed. That seems less than good. I so need a Blu-ray drive for my HTPC. Then I wouldn't have to rip using the PS3 anymore.