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    Score: A Film Music Documentary. USA UPC 191091453759
    Disc on Demand BD-R.

    Issue: AnyDVD HD doesn't report the correct playlist(s) in this case, even though there is a strangely simple playlist obfuscation as I will describe below. Don't know if this qualifies as Screen Pass. It isn't obvious without playing them to determine which playlist is the correct one. Should AnyDVD display the right playlists? I would hope so, but that's a discussion for the developers.

    There are four playlists all the same time length. 00002 and 01002 seem identical; probably one has the commentary track turned on by default. 00014 and 01014 seem identical; same thoughts about commentary.

    The first two playlists end with 09465.M2TS, 37:21 long, and the second two START with that same M2TS. So obviously one pair or the other is wrong, but in this case I've watched those playlists (with AnyDVD HD running) and found that 00014 and 01014 are messed up, and 00002 and 01002 are correctly ordered. (That is, the opening credits roll, rather than starting with the last third of the movie.)

    I have attached a log file.


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    Nothing strange at all. Probably just a multi angle title (angle: eg signs and credits in a different language) though only @Pete can confirm this.

    As to mentioning playoffs, AnyDVD only does this for known titles that either have screenpass or playlist obfuscation.

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    Multi angles are not involved. You may have skimmed my post too quickly.

    Based on viewing the four playlists I attempted to describe precisely what the four playlists were in my OP. Each playlist is the same length, each is made up of 96 streams.

    Two playlists start up with commentary running, and two do not. In anot, two start with the opening credits, and two start with the last third of the movie. It's a really dumb version of Screen Pass in that there are only two "out of order" playlists of the correct movie length.

    @Pete I would love to hear your opinion based on viewing the log. Thanks!

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  4. Pete

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    AnyDVD does this for Screen Pass only. Screen Pass usually obfuscates playlists, not always, which is why people in this forum sometimes use "Playlist obfuscation" as a synonym for "Screen Pass".

    00002 is the same as 01002, except it has no chapters. These DOD discs usually have their main playlists in the "early thousands" (so far, but now that I wrote this, it's probably going to change), so 01002 should be correct.
    00014 vs. 01014: I don't know - there is no playlist 01014 on that disc, you must have mixed that up?

    No, that's not Screen Pass.
    These DOD discs use Blu-Lock, different protection.

    I really would try to steer clear of these DOD discs.
    The protection is not so problematic, but they are authored badly and fall out of the BD specification in nearly all aspects, the multiplexing is a disaster and it's surprising that they play at all (garbage in the audio tracks, timing is incorrect, buffers overflow, ...).
    The best description I can come up with for their production method is "it's a hack", it really makes my hair stand on end.
    Maybe because there's no real money in this DOD stuff.

    Anyway - CloneBD suggests 117, 118 and 1002 as candidates in that order.
    Should be the best tool to deal with these discs, the fastest way to identify playlists and tracks.
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    Darn, that was a typo and then I replicated the typo through my posts! Should have said 00114, not 01014.

    I've been using BDinfo to show playlists, and then played each playlist with MPC-HC just to see what it looked like.

    I should have tried out CloneBD, but where do 117, 118, 1002 come from in your post just above -- was that copied from some other post? Because those playlist numbers don't show up in BDinfo at all, and I don't see them in the "Stream" folder on in Windows File Explorer.

    I would love to avoid these DOD discs but right now there's no download option that gives the same video quality for titles I'd like to own. iTunes is fine, as is Netflix, but the compression on both is visible to me when compared to even a run-of-the-mill blu-ray. I'm not viewing these things on a phone; I've got a mid-sized wall-mounted TV that shows quality sources as quickly as it reveals garbage input.


  6. mbarnstijn

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    @Pete, I have used CloneBD, latest rev ( with this disc and the current beta of AnyDVD ( and it pre-selected 00114.mpls as the default playlist when I went in to selective copy mode. Playlist 00114 is has the WRONG stream order; it starts with the last 37 minutes of the movie and then completely reverses the order of the remaining chapters.

    Based on viewing in CloneBD, the correct playlist is 01002.mpls.

    CloneBD does not show two of the playlists you talked about yesterday, 117 and 118, when you were analyzing my log file.

    Does CloneBD choose its default playlist based on information provided by AnyDVD? If so, something needs to change so that CloneBD gets the correct playlist in this case.


  7. Ch3vr0n

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    CloneBD does indeed use AnyDVD for playlist recommendation :) but it doesn't DEPEND on it completely :)
  8. Pete

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    The difference between your and my result is due to me feeding the disc structure to CloneBD as is (from your log file) and you after AnyDVD has already modified the disc.
    So the playlists 117 and 118 were obviously ruled out.
    I'll send you a PM...