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  1. ErichV

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to extract the main movie of my Star Wars IV DVD with AnyDVD and CloneDVD, but unfortunately it doesn't work properly. The whole movie seems to be fine, but the playback of the first sequence (opening crawl), which exists in various languages (different angles), is faulty. VLC media player and TMT5 only show a grey image, but the sound is still available. The movie continues then after 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

    I made use of three different methods (the *.ifo, *.bup and *.vob files have always been created sucessfully, but the above mentioned playback error does also exist):
    • First I kept running AnyDVD in the background and selected "Copy DVD titels" + desired angle in CloneDVD: no success
    • Ripping Video DVD to Harddisk + using CloneDVD: no success
    • Ripping to image + mounting the image via Virtual CloneDrive + using CloneDVD: no success

    I repeated all three methods with AI Scanner always enabled, but the playback error still persists at the beginning of the movie.

    If I use PgcDemux (selecting the angle desired + demuxing) in combination with AnyDVD, the opening crawl will be displayed correctly. Additionally, I muxed all streams with mkvtoolnix and got a working backup without any playback problems.

    I think the problem doesn't depend on any copy protection. There seems to be a problem in CloneDVD to process the particular angle carefully, but the preview windows shows the correct angle ... that's quite strange. All six DVDs of my Star Wars collection are affected by this error.

    Thank you in advance for your help. :D

    Best regards,

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  2. James

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    Never play *.vob files directly. (I assume, you did this)
    CloneDVD does it right (graying out the disabled angles). Play from folder / load VIDEO_TS.IFO.
    Or you have disabled the wrong angle(s).

    EDIT: CloneDVD is one of the very few programs (maybe even the only one), which does it right, when stripping angles from a movie.
    It *must* keep the deselected angles in place, otherwise menus won't work correctly. To save space, they are "grayed out".

    If you want to play single .vobs, use CloneDVD mobile.
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  3. ErichV

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    Hi James,

    Thanks for you reply.
    I didn't open the *.vob files directly (I tried "Open folder ..." and "Open Disc" in VLC media player, "Open DVD/BD" in MPC-HC and "Open Disc Folder ..." in TMT 5 ... from 00:20 to 02:20 all software players show a grey image [logos of 20th Century Fox and LucasFilm Ltd. are displayed correctly]).
    When I demux the files created by CloneDVD, the problem is gone ... this is really surprising (Why didn't I test this before? :D) ... Demuxing from the source in combination with AnyDVD does also work.

    This is a very strange plackback issue. The DVD structure made by CloneDVD seems to be fine, but what's the reason that all software players are not capable of displaying the opening crawl correctly?

    I have definitely chosen the right angle (there are only two available, the first one shows the opening crawl in English, the second one in German).

    Best regards,
  4. ErichV

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    The *.vob file created by CloneDVD mobile plays flawlessly. The duration of the entire movie shown by each player is wrong, but this doesn't matter. ;)
    The problem mentioned above refers only to the playback of CloneDVD files.