Angel has fallen

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  1. dlambert22

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    Alright now I have just downloaded the newest version and it is still not improving this disc that it is intended to remedy are there any new ideas as to why this is happening?
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    Yes, an AnyDVD update is needed. But it can't be done unless AnyDVD logs are provided so the developers can see what isn't working right. So if you want it fixed, supply an AnyDVD log and whatever error messages you are getting (if any).

    And where did you see that was issued to fix this title? This title just came out today, came out Sunday to fix a VM issue.
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    Not OP but ran into this issue. Hopefully I created that log file correctly. Rip to image fails at 16%.
    Read Error Sectors: 688980-689009

    Hope that helps.

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  5. mmdavis

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    CloneDVD is showing 3 main movie Titles and gives an error message (see attached jpeg). AnyDVD log attached also.

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  6. vnemous01

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    Having a issue with burning a copy of Angel has fallen I am sending the log file and the error message is AnyDVD can not read disk

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  7. scrossi

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    This is a work around. Two of the three movie titles are bad. If you are using Clone DVD, check mark only the one which is 2:00:57 in length. My copy works fine. Good Luck.
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  8. nitewulf69

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    As stated above, CloneDVD , select only Title 51 2:00:57 and it copies fine. I'm using version
  9. James

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    Please try AnyDVD

    Please let me know, if this fixes the problem. Thank you!
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  10. purplefox

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  11. mmdavis

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    Looks like it is good so far. CloneDVD only shows the one correct Title and the movie is playing in the preview window without error. I will check to make sure it rips correctly tonight. Here is a log if you need to verify against some others.

    [EDIT] Did a rip and disc copy and both worked fine. Thank you.

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  12. James

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    I forgot to bump the AI scanner version. Please try again after creating the logfile. And I strongly recommend to use CloneDVD 2 to create an iso.
  13. Kara-El

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    Thank you, it worked after downloading AnyDVD
  14. Rolleiman

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    Just tried the suggestion of choosing ONLY the 2:00:57 track and unchecked Preserve Menus. It worked!!!! Thank you
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    Create a logfile - then try again. It'll work.
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  18. purplefox

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    That did it! Thank you!

    Out of curiosity, why the recommendation for CloneDVD? Is it because you can pick and choose which tracks you keep?
  19. Ch3vr0n

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    That's one of the reasons, but the main other one is that anydvd gives you a warning for a reason when you try to use the image ripper on DVD's. Anydvd can't remove structural protection'for example on the fly. So when you create an iso, that gets copied into the iso and can potentially cause playback problems. Clonedvd can remove that during reauthoring while creating the iso.

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