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and now 2 months later...

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by Kilgore87, May 28, 2007.

  1. Kilgore87

    Kilgore87 Well-Known Member

    we still haven't had any official word from the slysoft team regarding the status of their pending release of gamejackal. i remember reading "it'll be released sometime next week" in one of the posts one of the team members, however now, that "next week" was almost 3 weeks ago.
  2. JimPadgett

    JimPadgett Member

    That is the one big thing wrong with web based software verification.. if the vendor sells out you are at the mercy of the company that now owns the title.
    I would think the purchase agreement would include existing assets such that a simple redirect would keep registration verifications at least in a static mode such that you could continue using the product.
    That being said I have no issues with Slysoft and am sure that when it's done it will be up to their high standards and I will gladly renew my registration when ever it becomes available.
  3. Lemming

    Lemming Member

    Face it, Game Jackal has a new name....

    Game Jackal Forever

    Or maybe that should be "Game Jackal Fornever"!

    :p :D
  4. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    The above quote isn't entirely true you left out "we are hoping for next week" was the quote. I am starting to play more PC games and I want this as well but we will just have to wait.

    Peer, James, Can we please have some sort of prognosis of what's going on again?

  5. Yard Waste

    Yard Waste Well-Known Member

    Damn that 'Vista' !!!:agree:
  6. BadIronTree

    BadIronTree Active Member

    vista my ass :p
    they took the code to make a new product that all have to buy again :pPP
  7. jdm3

    jdm3 Member

    I think its 'The Emperor's New Game Jackal'.
  8. Yard Waste

    Yard Waste Well-Known Member

    $10.00 to update isn't buying it again and yes it is Vista that is causing the delay as an old post from a SLYSOFT TEAMMEMBER points out!