And after the proces. key is revoked?

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  1. masgor

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    Hi, I'm going to buy a HD DVD / Blu-ray drive from LG and I was just wondering. If I buy AnyDVD HD, what is gonna happen after the new discs come, I mean the new ones that will be updated to revoke the processing key. I guess this application won't be able to rip them. And buying this just for few hundered discs that were released is no good.
  2. Peer

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    So, I take it, you're assuming, that we "accidentally" managed to decrypt the HD-DVDs so far? So little trust? 8)
    Also, what makes you think, AnyDVD HD is using "the processing key" to unlock the discs?
    In case you are referring to the rumour, that AnyDVD HD is based on some findings from the doom9 people: no, we never used any of that information - we already had the full decryption done early in January, that was when they were still sniffing title keys from memory.
    In other words: we do our own research and development and surely are capable of continuing that work.
    Don't worry...
  3. masgor

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    Ok, that sound promising ;). I didn't read about you guys getting info from DOOM9 or anything like that. I also didn't want to write a huge post so I skipped few things and I asked straight the question. Thx for the fast answer.
  4. trefwasere

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    Commitment to AnyDVD HD?


    Can SlySoft guarantee that AnyDVD HD will continue to work? I would guess not. If not can they confirm that if it stops working on future discs they will refund the purchase cost?


  5. James

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    No, as we can't even with the non HD version of AnyDVD. Especially not for Blu-ray discs, as I have no idea how effective the BD+ protection will be (it doesn't even exist yet).

    Of course not, why would we do this? It works and will continue to work with all discs which exist at this moment.
    And for DVD & HD DVD discs, it is very likely to continue to work. For a very long time.
  6. Slinger07

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    Please dont take this the wrong way, but why be so cheap?? AnyDVD has and continues to do what no other software does (Latest Arccos/Ripguard etc..). Despite the freeware release of Muslix64's program where you need to locate a key to decrypt each HD DVD, AnyDVD HD is currently the only software in existance that will enable you to successfully backup your HD DVD's with ease and without any expertise or knowledge, or locating any keys.

    I personally have purchased AnyDVD, CloneDVD2, & AnyDVD HD and have seen them all updated as newer more sophisticated protections come along. Without software like this, we have lost our priviledge as a owner to backup what we have purchased. I think purchasing these utilities is a wise choice, and to even consider Slysoft giving them out for free is a foolish notion.
  7. masgor

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    Hm...I thought they'll not use BD+, I read something that the current standalone players would not play the discs with BD+ so they won't use it. But you know better :), I just read something on some news site.

    But I have a question about playing stuff. One day I will switch to Vista and they shut off S/PDIF (when playing HD DVD/ Blu-ray titles) which I use to get the sound to my external decoder. Does your software makes all the content looks "non-protected" so the S/PDIF will work?
  8. Peer

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    For now, that is correct - they are not using many of the "features" that Bluray includes in the specs with a tag "OPTIONAL". I wasn't aware that BD+ is also among those non-mandatory things, but you well may be right.

    Someday, though (that is: if bluray is still on the market), they may release a revised paper converting lots of that stuff into mandatory features.
    Then slowly the discs will add BD+ and other stuff.
    This will also be a very happy day for all those, who already bought such a "lean blu-ray player" and then cheerfully walk into the next store and buy a new one, that plays those new discs... :doh:
    If you're lucky, though, a firmware upgrade will suffice...

    Yep, that's the deal with AnyDVD HD.
  9. SuperGoof

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    Hi all,

    What if AACS revocation system works the way that as soon as you insert a new disc with renewed revocation list, the drive will permanently ban player keys that are on that list. I.e. since that very moment you will not be able to use compromised players even to play "old" discs, because player will not be able to establish secure communication with the drive to get VolumeID. And since AnyDVD HD uses keys and certificates of one of those players, it will stop working as well...

    This is what the document ( says:

    AACS also defines a process to “revoke” the trusted-entity status of devices that have been compromised. Revocation lists are maintained by the optical drive and playback software, and they are updated each time a BD-ROM disc with a later version of the list is inserted into the drive for playback. The optical drive confirms that the playback software, which has already been identified and authenticated, is not on the revocation list. Similarly, the playback software confirms that the optical drive is not on the list. At this point, the interface is deemed secure.
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  10. James

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    AnyDVD HD will not be affected by this mechanism.
  11. trefwasere

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    I think you misunderstood me. I'm basically saying if I buy AnyDVD HD tommorrow and it stops working (on new releases) a week later will I be out of pocket?
  12. trefwasere

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    Any reply to this point?


  13. Webslinger

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    "Important Note
    Our products are sold as 'try-before-you-buy'. You can try them free for 21 days in order to evaluate the software and the functions before you purchase.
    SlySoft Inc. does not refund your money if you are not satisfied with our products, so please take your time with the evaluation."
  14. wdgoldstein

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    As a user with NO ties to Slysoft I will put in my 2 cents worth. Copy protection changes all the time. There have been discs that AnyDVD couldn't touch when I first tried.However after a day or two Slysoft has released an updated version that addresses the protection on that disc and I am able to rip, dupe or whatever.

    I have every reason to believe that this will be the same with HD or BD discs. If something comes up that the current product can't handle I believe Slysoft will just upgrade their product to handle it. Remember it took less than 2 weeks for them to design and release the HD-DVD product and another two weeks for the BD update. This for suppossedly "Unbreakable" encryption.

    My money is on James, Peer and the Slysoft group. If anyone wants some of my action just drop me a line.
  15. ajafuta

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    Ye Have Little Faith

    My friend, have faith in Slysoft, their products work unlike vista, powerdvd(new versions) and many other programs. When you purchase a program from Best Buy open it and try to ask them for your money back!!! They do not even give you a FREE 21 day trial period, ask them if you can take the program home and try it for 21 days...and await the laughter!!!

    For myself I like to rip BlueRay discs just because I can thanks to AnyDVD and company. I do prefer HD however.