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    Hi, My post will probably be very boring for you because you all are way ahead of me but although I've had anydvd since 2003, I've just backed up dvds. I am very new to blurays and just have been trying to convert a few Blurays into mp4's or mkv's using the anydvd HD and Handbrake.

    I've converted all the BR Harry Potters to mp4's except when I got to the Deathly Harrows part 1 &2-2D title. I've searched the forum for HP info but with no luck. I have the latest anydvd HD version I ripped the video to hard disk but when I try to play the movie, what is on there is a behind the scenes type video, not the HP video. I am posting the logs. I do not know why it does not copy the actual movie. The only player I use is VLC player that I have manipulated with the dll's to make it play bluerays. It won't play them from my pc bluray optical. Thank You. ~Rose

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    I suggest using CloneBD - you you can use the built-in player to identify the correct title, etc...
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    I was going to say what Pete said. You can't go wrong with the AnyDVD + CloneBD combo, it pretty much does everything for you as far as getting everything right for burning or ripping.
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    Thank you both for replying. Ok, I will need the new CloneBD software. I hope there is a little tutorial to it because it is probably much different than what I've been doing. I have had no trouble with my AnyDvd and Clone's and I haven't been here in awhile but learn a lot when I come in. Had to change my Opticals in the signature because I have the bluRay drives now. Will I also have to buy another software player besides VLC even though I have a HD optical blueray player? Harry Potter 7 would not play. Thanks again. ~Rose
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    I bought the CloneBD. That's a really nice program. I was able to back up the harry potter movies and play them. Just confused about the video codec setting, to chose copy original lossless or one of the other settings. I left it on the default setting but don't know which one is best for the mp4. Or the Cinavia setting in AnyDvd to be checked or unchecked. I told my son about it and he went and bought CloneBD too. Thanks again.