An inelegant (but working) solution to VC1 streaming to the PS3.

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    It can be done. But not for free. Follow the 2nd post procedure outlined here:

    At the end of step 7a or 9b depending on what audio you have. You need to use Nero Vision with HD/BD plugin (I have Nero 8, I don't know if earlier versions work).
    In Nero Vision:

    Select "Make a Blu-Ray Disc" > "Make a Blu-Ray Video".

    Select "Add Video Files" Navigate to the m2ts file you made earlier. You'll get 2 splash screens concerning "analyzing video" abort the second splash screen.

    Page through the screens as appropriate. Omit the menu & chapters, they won't show up on the PS3 anyway.

    On the final page, select "Write to Hard Disc Folder". Then Write!

    Kick back, have a Black & Tan & Blunt. Well several actually, it take 12 hours on my 3.8GHz single core. And you're still not done.

    Once you have the BD structure on your hard drive (I hope you have UDF 2.5 loaded on your system), navigate to the newly created m2ts file. And remux it with tsMuxer to another m2ts file. That will be the final product and will stream to the PS3.

    Pitfalls & other notes:
    Audio is a problem. Seems the best audio I can use with this methodology is AC3 @ 448Kbs except for LPCM which tsMuxer can handle in all it's glory.

    I've even used this method to stream HD-DVD VC-1s to the PS3. Substitute EVOdemux for the first instance of tsMuxer in the guide.

    I'm still new at this and I'm sure there are better ways. I haven't even tried Tsremux yet. But, this works! As yet, I'm streaming Transformers, Elizabeth 1 & 2, Underworld Evolution and Golden Showers (oops I mean Compass). If you have UDF 2.5 loaded, you don't even have to use the "Rip DVD to Harddisc" function of AnyDVDHD. AnyDVDHD has to be loaded and tsRemux can pull the m2ts right off the disc. Finally, apparently, it would seem that Nero is transcoding the video to MPEG-2 with a filesize very close to the original.

    P.S. I'm using WinXp Pro SP3
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    But all you're doing is converting it to a different format. And if you're ending up with an mpeg2 file close to the same size as the vc-1 file then you'll be reducing the quality as well. Mpeg2 is a much less efficient encoder and needs much higher bitrates than VC-1 or H264 to get the same quality and therefore the file sizes need to be a lot bigger to get the same results
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