An idea for an 'à la carte' title subscription option :)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by OLDieButGOODie, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. OLDieButGOODie

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    This idea came to me when Ch3vr0n posted the message below,
    ... My idea is for people not buying many disks often, during the year.

    If they ever figure out a way to do it, plus be able to add that new smaller file-piece to it locally ...
    They may be able to create, and offer, another type of subscription update ones own master database download, on a disk-by-disk title method, instead of yearly, or LTL type license.

    In other words...a customer can put the title names into a list, then, just the decryption files unique to the customers needs will be downloaded, and added to their own personal master database..!

    In the could also be more profitable to receive $1 or so, for each title needed, rather than a flat yearly subscription amount....but less expensive for the customer, just paying for what they personally need.

    With maybe bulk purchases discounts for the power-users with many titles per month or year.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    That's not as easy as you think, every movie comes in about a dozen or more different versions. The only way they could do what you say is if they could match every entry in the OPD with its ean/upc barcode. So the user might be able to filter on barcode, but that's a huge task to do and impossible to backlog the existing entries.
  3. OLDieButGOODie

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    the thing I don't understand is, they manage to add any new title to the master database now, so how's this any different to having someone 'ask' for the title on a title name basis?
    Doesn't the program search the title name?

    The customers search could show every disk version associated with that movie title.
    Is it any different?

    I don't think a barcode match would be necessary, and the database computer search would find all versions of that title name, for the customer to pick the disk for their country.
    Then, those associated decryption files would be added to the personal local database.
    (Or all associated countries same title name files are added)

    Unless I'm missing something. :)

    They don't need to backlog already existing entries because everything so far is already within the updated program.
    Unless I'm not understanding your use of backlog
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  4. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    The opd works on vuk mainly I think, that's not something readily visible on a disc. You gotta keep in mind for each title you have rental versions, standard versions, steelbooks often, double disc, triple disc, digital additions. There's just no point of worrying about that too much for now. The main priority is getting licensing up, when things settle down then they'll be able to look into if it's possible or not. All roads will be considered.

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  5. OLDieButGOODie

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    Yes..of rush...! ;)
    It's just another idea for a subscription option, on a disk-by-disk basis.
    I'm just curious how many may subscribe to this idea, if it could be accomplished in the near future.

    Finding a reputable payment transaction company is more important for now.
  6. DrinkLyeAndDie

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  7. OLDieButGOODie

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    Oops, I didn't see the last post in that thread, sorry..!
    (I didn't read that far down past the first post :) )

    I figured if the poll option existed, in the posting options, it was ok to do by members.

    That said, I still think this subscription option is a win-win for both RedFox, and low usage customers.
    I know if I'm just going to purchase 12 or less disks per year, I'm not going to spend $49 or euros per/year, to back them up :)

    With this 'à la carte' option, the lite-usage customer gets what they need, and RedFox doesn't lose any potential income.

    You may want to put the poll back to see how many lite-usage customers who may have decided to not get a yearly subscription, would go for the 'à la carte' option. :D
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  8. wowszer

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    One option might be to have a $10 for 10 uses per year. I don't know if that could be set in file to count each use, or be counted by the site. Either way users might want to wait until the heavily protected discs are set completely into the onsite data base before attempting a copy, otherwise they might lose one of their 10 attempts if it fails because every disc protection hadn't been found, or posted yet to allow a correction to be attempted. So, frustration level could be very high for someone who said the maximum I use is 9, whereas some one who said, I only do 4 or 5, might be ok. Btw, I am not in this camp, so just posting what I see as potential headaches.
  9. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    I would think, if it's at all possible to even do what my idea asks with the database' smaller files, that they'd also be able to create a special routine within the program that doesn't count the try unless it actually finds the files needed to decrypt the disk, and only after you've downloaded them, into your local 'private' custom database.

    It all depends on what the program is actually searching for it a title name, or special code on the disk, it should search the master online database the same way, and if no match, and /or no download, then no charge, (or no minus -1 count deducted) from your download credits.
    This gives another option, if possible, with just charging $1 (or 1 euro) per title,
    for true 'a-la-carte' ... with special deals for discounts to buy 12 for $10 per year ... etc...

    Before a pricing structure can be decided on, ... This idea first needs to be possible... :D
    I don't know if they're even seeing if it's possible in the first place..!...yet. :rolleyes:

    Their first order of importance is getting a respected, honest, and secure payment transaction company,
    then the other policies can be decided upon, later.

    But I really like this idea because it lets them get the smaller lite-usage customers (12 or less disks per year) who may hesitate spending $49 each year... as well as the medium to heavy usage 5 or more disks a month, with the yearly subscriptions, if they're not going to offer lifetime licenses any longer.

    Even though I was a lite user at first, I still opted to go for the lifetime license rather than a yearly membership, when it was $39 euros before going up to $49
    But now, I don't think I have that much money to buy so many disks each year, 'a-la-carte' looks best for me, if they find it's possible to do.:cool:
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  10. RedFox 1

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    This idea would be a nightmare for sales. Thanks for posting though.
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  11. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    Hi RedFox 1,
    I hope you and the rest of RedFox won't dismiss my idea because of one nightmare post. :)

    The idea I had could really be a good thing for the new company...if done correctly. (y)
  12. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    It's not up to me or RedFox 1 to accept or dismiss ANY idea. We don't work for RedFox ;-)
  13. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    Like Ch3vr0n said, its not up to either him or me. Thank you for your post.
  14. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    :) .... Figuratively speaking then.... Or influencing the higher-ups in the company... :D:p

    But you never chimed-in with any opinion of're allowed to have an opinion, right?
    Not about if you think it's possible with the database...
    (With software...mostly ANYTHING is really possible)

    I'm just curious what you think of the 'a-la-carte' idea, in itself?
    For the lite-usage customer who may otherwise look elsewhere if yearly licenses aren't an option for them.
  15. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    I pretty much made my point in my initial posts, the thought behind it is perhaps good for those that only use anydvd every so often. It would just be a nightmare to implement, if it's even possible at all. We don't know how the OPD is constructed or works, it's probably more trouble than it's worth. And no, we don't influence the dev's either, were only moderators to keep the forum nice.
  16. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    OK...fair enough...and yes it all depends on IF it's software-able to do :)

    By the both shouldn't 'sell yourselves short' on your importance to the company.
    Even a respected Moderator can have an influence on upper-management.
    Opinions do matter.

    We're all humans here...with helpful ideas, and good wishes for the new RedFox.
  17. wowszer

    wowszer Well-Known Member

    For those that replied to my post, I have no problem with their answers. I was posting a few problems that would crop up even if (small word, big meaning) the idea could be implemented. The one thing I noticed is that not one objector to the new site's proposed format posted to give their options on how it could be implemented. Oh, well.
  18. Kajo

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    Just saw your posting:

    I don't think so. :unsure: Maybe for users, who buy movies like "Inception" and up to 12 discs per year. On the other hand there are people who like watching whole series with up to 6 seasons and 36 discs. I don't want to and wouldn't pay this amount of money only for ONE series ;) The series itself was expensive enough.
  19. OLDieButGOODie

    OLDieButGOODie Well-Known Member

    Well I did say the other options of yearly would be offered too.
    Plus, this post was made for a-la-carte option when no LifeTime option was being discussed by RedFox.

    I still think a-la-carte could be good for the people with limited usage, and could be implemented easily now as if a normal sale was made, but for a lower amount...without much if any trouble to do so for RedFox.'s their decision....I'd just like to see them get as many people as customers, as the can, including the low-volume users who can't see paying the yearly fee for just 12 disks each year use.