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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by dr dark, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Ch3vr0n

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    No, or it would have been in the changelog

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  2. dr dark

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    Any chance for hevc support anytime soon? I've had a lot of home and it's been a long wait. I do understand if there are no plans as I have been using other tools to re-encode w/ amd vega vii when time is important. It would be wonderful if some day clonebd would support hevc on amd.

  3. Fabian

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    We are currently working with AMD on several issues in their media framework driver. The latest release has full AMD HEVC/AVC HW support.

    If there are issues, like disabled options, please post your AMD card and driver version, and we take a look.
  4. dr dark

    dr dark Member

    Yes, There is still an issue with the AMD Vega VII GPU. Using the latest AMD drivers v20.5.1 (released 05/25/2020) ... Older versions had the same issue.

    Hardware Acceleration for HEVC is not detected, and software encoding is used.

    Please see screen shows below:



  5. dr dark

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    Do you need any additional information?

  6. Ch3vr0n

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    no, because at the moment this isn't a hardware problem. As you've been told in post #21 and #23. They're working directly with AMD on a fix. The fix primarily needs to come from the driver/API level. There's NOTHING you can do. Unfortunately, no amount of asking for an update every other week will speed things up. When the fix has been implemented, it will specifically be stated in the CloneBD changelog.
  7. dr dark

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    In #23 Fabian specifically mentions if the options are disabled please let him know in a post which is what I did above, and than by you I am told It was already explained in post #21 and #23. You must admit that is a bit confusing. I've been waiting for this fix for over a year and I was told a couple of times it will be in the next version. When the next version I get all excited and than find out there is no change.

    The card works with hevc encoding/transcoding w/ various other programs without any issue (actually most programs), are they using a different API or Drivers? Handbrake is one of them.

  8. Ch3vr0n

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    How other tools dop thinks is irrelevant. Each developer has their own method. I don't know the exact details either. All I know is that with the way elby does it, and what they said, it's a driver problem and they're working directly with AMD to fix it.

    And now with COVID-19 going on, that doesn't do things any good either. It'll get fixed, bit you need to have patience (or get an Nvidia card if you can't wait). AMD API has always been a mess, what worked over version broke in another one.

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  9. dr dark

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    I have patience. I have been waiting over 2 years for this to be fixed. Has development been restarted yet as I have not seen any updates for matter or any other updates for some time. AMD Radeon support has been fixed with just about every other software product (video editing etc) that I use except for clonebd.

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