Amazon's "the private life of sherlock holmes" can't be downloaded

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by RippingNut, May 16, 2021.

  1. RippingNut

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    I'm getting a message about some information could be obtained and then the "download" button is greyed out. Help!
  2. RedFox 1

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    Can you give us a screenshot or a log file, without information no one can help you?
  3. zero269

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    Hi RippingNut,

    You definitely want to create a log file as RedFox 1 suggested. This will help with determining if you have a technical issue or not, and if so, they can use the log file(s) with any DEV related solutions in a future AS update.

    Be sure to always provide the software version as well; From Menu bar, click the ? > About.

    As for your movie, I will assume you already have access to watch it? Keep in mind there are several download buttons (3 to be exact), so you might want to include that with your initial request for help. This is where a screenshot comes in, because others can see what you are referring to and may be able to offer some insight if they've had the same experience.

    Download buttons:

    1st: This one will only appear if there are Downloadable videos available; meaning you can watch them with your subscription, rented or purchased.

    2nd: This one will appear in the Downloadable item(s) dialog window for the movie/show.

    3rd: This one will appear in the Download configuration dialog window that has the Video/Audio/Subtitle selections.​
    • If you're issue is with #3, then chances are you are not using beta v1133, which addresses those types of issues.
    • If you're issue is with #2, then you definitely want to create a log file. Recreate the steps up to that #2 dialog window, then close it out. Now from the Menu bar, click File > Create log file... and then save it to your computer and upload it here.
    • If your issue is with #1, then the content is either not available for you to access (rent/buy only), or there really is an issue. If you do have access to play it, then you will want to create and upload a log file.
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    euh zero, according to that sig of yours, you bought your 2nd AS license before your first? Shouldn't that be 2021-01-24 :p
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    You are absolutely correct, SIR! Good eye! (y)


    UPDATED! (y)

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  6. Bornsoft

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    RippingNut, I went to the Amazon website and typed in "the private life of Sherlock Holmes" and it says its not available. In order for AS to download it, it must be available at the site. The reason I know this is because this has happened to me before on Amazon. Sorry, you are out of luck.
  7. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL

    It may not be available to YOU in your region. Doesn't mean its not available to RippingNut
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