Amazon, Windows10, and Amazon Prime Video for Windows

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by BusyBus, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. BusyBus

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    This works without issue thus far with Netflix. With Amazon Prime I ran into issues. I am using the trial of AS ver 64bit on windows 10.

    The issue:
    In the Amazon tab I click the Download Episode link. I am then presented with the option to download Amazon Prime Video for Windows (APVW). I checked the forums and did not see anything related for or against this program so after restarting my machine and trying the download episode link again decided to install APVW. Restarted the AS and again clicked the Download Episode link resulting in APVW opening and presenting me with the download option which, from what I assume so far is not how this is supposed to work.

    Please help, if I missed something obvious let me know. Maybe I was too specific in searching for "Amazon Prime Video" but any helpful response here will obviously help someone else searching for that parameter
  2. DeepSpace

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    Unlike Netflix, you have to use the green downloadables button on the top, it can take a few seconds till it pops up.

    You are not supposed to use the buttons on the website itself.
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  3. DeepSpace

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    Except add to my list of course, I'm talking about any download button.
  4. BusyBus

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    Ahhhhh. Ok, now I see, just under the tabs for Amazon and Netflix next to the back and forward buttons.

  5. Wayne Brown

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    Running into the same issue but there is no green downloadables button on the top, screen shot attached. I'm also including the log file. Trying to determine whether or not to purchase.

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  6. DQ

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    You have to not play a title but you need to click it to go to the details of it. Then you get the button.
  7. Wayne Brown

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    Man! Too perfect. As described. Time to evaluate. Thanks!!!!