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Question Amazon "Unable to Decrypt Stream" intermittently

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Dec 9, 2021
I have had a bunch of things queued up since last week and still had a pretty full queue this morning. When I went to check in AS was stuck on an "Unable to Decrypt Stream" error for one of the items. I paused the queue, restarted the download and the same error appeared. I left it for a while and tried to download the same episode from another computer and it succeeded without an issue so I assumed the queue was old and wouldn't work anymore. Tried emptying and refilling the queue and it was working for a bit, but then it failed again after a while with the same error only it didn't work when I tried to re-add it. I waited probably another 10 minutes and it suddenly worked again (even from the queue that I had just rebuilt).

Is this something specific to my system? Is this a known issue? Just trying to figure out what's going on since it didn't seem to happen until this morning (April fools joke?).


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Hi! Similar issue here. Some titles seem to work, I think the titles that are included with Prime do work. I was trying a tv show from Stacked TV and got 2 different errors. I tried 2 different shows with Stack TV and got same results. First I got was "Unable to Decrypt This Stream" and the other "Amazon DRM License Could Not Be Processed". I am on Arch Linux, using AS version 64 bit. See screenshots:



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