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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by SlottedPig, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. SlottedPig

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    Is there actually a way to rent a movie and then download it? I see others have posted about this but i cant figure out why I cant do it. I am running beta.
  2. Lowpro

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    If the rental is available for you to play via (A)'s website using a normal web browser the same page within AnyStream should show the green "Downloadables" button just above the page on the left side. Is that not the case for you? I haven't rented anything from (A) yet myself so.
  3. SlottedPig

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    So i rented the movie through anystream A component, but the download button never there some way to know what is playable through the web browser and what isnt? Even playing the trailer i get a wedvine out of date error. Any thoughts?
  4. Shoozleboy

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    I always rent the movie through my regular browser, then open AS and select the A tab and click to it from there and then select the green downloadable button in AS.

    If you rented the movie through the AS browser then tried to d/l it, it may not recognize the purchase. That has been my experience. Hope this helps.
  5. SlottedPig

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    Well ill be....that seems to have worked. Thanks! Does anyone know if prime gets the same movies as iTunes? Id love to abandon itunes if possible especially since alot of stuff on Prime is cheaper to rent/buy.
  6. DeepSpace

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    When you rent something, you have to reload the page/ restart AS to make it get the new licence information.
  7. SlottedPig

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    Anyway to queue items? Like if I rented two movies from prime have them download one after the other. What about full series off d+ or Netflix?
  8. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    It's on the list of features people would like already.
  9. Ch3vr0n

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  10. This seemed like a good place to say that I have noticed on the A provider, there are a large number of films that are "free with ads". I am happy to report that, when downloaded with AS, the resulting files are free of ads. Joy!

    Directly to the point of the OP, I have rented & downloaded many items.
  11. SlottedPig

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    Yes I’m able to rent and download simply by renting in the browser first then opening AS. I did encounter a movie today though that said “your browser doesn’t support this resolution” when I went to download it was maxed at 940x600. Is that the movie or is that Amazon blocking AS. The name of the movie was “promising young woman”