Amazon Prime homepage remains black, no function

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by LaForge, Jul 22, 2021 at 12:40 AM.

  1. LaForge

    LaForge New Member

    AnyStream has not worked in connection with Amazon Prime
    for a month now, the start page (please wait until the page is loaded)
    remains black. The program can no longer be used. The support is informed
    about the error, so far without any progress. VPN and proxy are not activated.

    Best wishes

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  2. ZeroSugar

    ZeroSugar Member

    I have never had a problem with any of the providers except for one day last week where N did exactly what you describe. The problem fixed itself. Not to sound like a typical IT guy but have you tried doing a complete uninstall, reboot, and new install of the newest version?
  3. RedFox 1

    RedFox 1 Super Moderator

    That is most probably the firewall or some other program blocking the loading process. We would have had 500 people complaining about it, not just 2 if it was an AnyStream issue. A weak network connection can also cause an issue like that.
  4. LaForge

    LaForge New Member

    I have already tested everything, firewall OS off, firewall FritzBox off, new install of newest version etc., no change. The network is in perfect condition,
    with consistently high values both via WLAN and Ethernet. Amazon Prime Video account works.
    No changes were made to the computer. What is left there? AnyStream!