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Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by AcesOfThePacific, Sep 29, 2020.

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    Wow, I totally did not understand this before, it turns out!

    Now super, super clear!!

    Thanks so much, Pete.

    Have to say, I like this set-up (better). It's much more flexible than how I first understood it to work.

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  2. AcesOfThePacific

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    Ok but I'm watching something that has very short episodes. Since I work 12-15 hr days, this can't even meet the normal watch rate (not using Anystream). Can't you just limit by download speed instead? That's far less harmful than limiting by number of downloads. Also, it doesn't solve the problem of making something offline available for long 2-6 week trips without Internet access -- wouldn't that use case be the purpose of software like this? I would need to sit there downloading episodes one by one for my entire time not at the remote location to get just a week's worth of episodes. So if I'm at the remote site for 6 weeks, I'm still up a creek with this software.

    Also, I still don't see a credit card purchase option on the website. My trial # of downloads limit has been reached.
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    speed limit is a basic feature. You also have to keep in mind, they're limiting numbers for everyone's sake. Without limits there's a risk of people doing "hit and runs" (as in grabbing what they can while they can, especially in trials which is what triggered the limiting in the first place). It's also in place to hopefully prevent your account from being flagged as a major downloader, downloading impossible numbers to watch. It's not specifically for you or me, but with thousands of users in the future, grabbing unlimited titles (with the unlimited speed setting) the service providers can potentially detect impossible amounts of traffic coming from a weird source in a way and block whatever anystream uses to do what it does. Nobody wants that to happen.

    now as to the CC issue. Unless things changed again, Ivan specifically stated yesterday i think (or the day before) CC was working (for the US) with at least mastercard
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    I still did not get the point. Could you please post another example with KFC buckets and chicken wings? :dance:
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    Your stomach is the bucket, filled with 100 nuggets getting digested? Everytime you pee/poop, 1 nugget spot becomes available. Every 36minutes someone behind the counter throws you a new one to it gets filled up again :p
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    The program was just released, just wait a while and see what occurs. The program is great and everyone has different options they would like implemented. While RedFox can't make everyone happy, we can try to make the program as useful as possible. I am not in the camp of slowing down the download, but its not up to me.
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    Maybe this software isn't for you? If you're so busy working on avg 13.5 hours a day, add in sleep let's say 7 hours, eating for 1 hour, that leaves you about 2 hours a day to download stuff [assuming you don't shower, travel anywhere, significant other time]. Not even including your multiple 6 weeks trips in all of this; none of this adds up. How did you blow through a reset download limit [during a work week] already? I work at home and still haven't hit the cap since the reset.
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    Wasn't asking how you knew. Was asking if you knew if those were final final numbers or if they were being considered for being tweaked.

    I know the numbers are per week. It depends on which shows you seek. Some are 10, 20, 50, 100, etc. As for how many I watch in a week, you underestimate myself and others as well. For instance, there are four of us that live together and 28 shows / 14 seasons is nothing especially when you have them playing in the background while doing other things.

    As for Plex, yeah I definitely know the feeling. The main problem I'm having now is running out of hdd space and closet space to store my discs.

    Wouldn't the download in real-time essentially do the same? As they would see it as you viewing say a 20 minute video and taking 20 or so minutes to download thinking you watched it. Thus, not setting off any alarms. If you were doing 2x/4x/Unlimited then I could definitely see why in that case as it would set off alarms.

    Out of curiosity is this overall for both Netflix and Amazon? Or do each have their own #? Follow up question, is it per account or license? For instance, let's say I have 2 Amazon Prime or 2 Netflix accounts. Could I do say 280 per week on both or 560 total between the two?
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    It's 280 per week for both ofcourse and not seperate.
  10. Ch3vr0n

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    Real-time is realtime, so chances of that being detected as "abnormal" are pretty much impossible. I'm guessing it would just be viewed as normal streaming behavior as it takes as long to download as it does for watching. The 280 is an approximation and not a full stop counter. The token bucket starts with 100 downloads, when you download something. 1 token goes out and get replenished every 36min. So if you download 100 items, it takes 2.5d to of no downloads to refill, if you then download 100 items again the next refil is another 2.5d (5d total now). Since a week is 7 days, not 7.5, the last 2 days allow for a refill to the token bucket of approx 80 downloads.

    The counter itself is per license, as prior to download start your license ID is submitted for verification (and that's the ONLY thing submitted) to know from whom the system needs to deduct 1 token.
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    That makes it easy to understand.
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    Please confirm / deny that for each Amazon download 2 tokens are used - one for video and one for audio.
  13. Ch3vr0n

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    1 token is 1 download, as in 1 movie or TV show episode. Not per seperate audio/video track, and not specifically for amazon alone. This applies to BOTH sides.
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    Guess I upset somebody with my, lets say, theory? Sorry.