Amazon: License Request Creation Failed

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by AcesOfThePacific, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. AcesOfThePacific

    AcesOfThePacific Active Member

    Now I'm getting this.... what does it mean?
  2. Simba7

    Simba7 Member

    I'm getting the same. I bet they changed something.
  3. PluggerOfButts

    PluggerOfButts Active Member

    This just started happening to me as well. I tried restarting the application. Also tried connecting from a different port on my VPN.

    restarted my computer; it's working again, for now at least.
    still going good after the restart - only on Netflix for me, I don't use Amazon
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  4. Lenka Utsugi

    Lenka Utsugi Active Member

    Same I m also getting this, Amazon & Netflix both..

    It was going smooth all days suddenly this error.
  5. Simba7

    Simba7 Member

    Looks like fixed Amazon.. for now. Haven't tried it on Netflix yet
  6. CoastalBlue

    CoastalBlue Member

    Getting same error, Netflix and Amazon. Happened very suddenly, in the past couple hours...
  7. 97037083

    97037083 Active Member

    Here the same.
  8. CoastalBlue

    CoastalBlue Member

    Issue seems to have resolved itself for me.
  9. AcesOfThePacific

    AcesOfThePacific Active Member

    Running beta. Same problem.
  10. AcesOfThePacific

    AcesOfThePacific Active Member

    Something else too.... the series I was getting was originally at 1080p but now it's only showing 768x576. (but it still errors out)
  11. Waves

    Waves Member

    Same issue
  12. donaf

    donaf Well-Known Member

    I'm getting this on Amazon Prime. Just started tonight. I'm prevented from downloading and instead met with the error "License request creation failed." In fact, I can't even use this for the time being until this is resolved. Everything was running fine up until not too long ago today.... very strange!
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  13. AcesOfThePacific

    AcesOfThePacific Active Member

    Can't even log into Netflix anymore.
  14. cramped_misfit

    cramped_misfit New Member

    I was literally halfway through downloading a season when I got this error and haven't been able to do anything to fix it. Amazon Prime and Netflix are both doing the same thing. Tried just about everything.
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  15. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Sorry for the trouble - too many people were abusing the trial and downloaded ~100 movies per day.
    That's not the idea behind the tool for one - and especially not for a trial.
    We had to implement a limiter.
    The details are not final, yet, we will announce those, once the implementation is finished.
  16. Lenka Utsugi

    Lenka Utsugi Active Member

    Oh Man.. Ok I get it... But atleast remove limitation from TV series... Its already taking so much time to download whole show.
  17. Pete

    Pete Forum Admin Staff Member

    Yes, I have those on my mind as well. We're going to discuss it.

    But basically: a trial is to see if a product works. So technically, you don't need to download an entire series to do that.
    The whole point is so you buy it and then you get the product to serve you and your needs. It's not a free giveaway.
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  18. Lenka Utsugi

    Lenka Utsugi Active Member

    I hope in paid version these limitation should not be there
  19. windevine

    windevine Member

    Hello 21 day trial and limited why do you mind if people download 100 movies per day ? in this case as much suppressed this period of tests .
  20. blank

    blank Well-Known Member

    4x max speed (trial 2x max) ?