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am trying to load movies onto psp memory stick

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by gremlin6996, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. gremlin6996

    gremlin6996 New Member

    and it keeps failing. Any one got a simple explanation of what i should be doing? what the common pitfalls are? We have been using slysoft clone dvd mobile and a genuine stick. thanks for the help.
  2. ptriad60

    ptriad60 Member


    What firmware do you currently have installed on your PsP.
    Depending on this will determine hoe the memory stick should be structured.
  3. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    Actually depending on firmware and what size your mem stick is. Tom has told me that there isn't a need to put it into the "MP_ROOT" but here is a guide I made for another company. I think you may want to put the video in the ISO folder with clone dvd mobile. Sorry school in session and haven't had allot of time to play with the CloneDVDMobile just yet.

    1. Insert a Memory Stick into the Memory Stick slot in the left side of the PSP. Depending on how many video files you want it to hold, you may need to get a larger one than the stick that came with your system.

    2. Turn on the PSP.

    3. Plug a USB cable into the back of the PSP and into your PC. The USB cable needs to have a Mini-B connector on one end (this plugs into the PSP), and a standard USB connector on the other (this plugs into the computer).

    4. Scroll to the "Settings" icon on the home menu of your PSP.

    5. Find the "USB Connection" icon in the "Settings" menu. Press the X button. Your PSP will display the words "USB Mode" and your PC or Mac will recognize it as a USB storage device.

    6. There should be a folder called "MP_ROOT" on the PSP Memory Stick if you formatted it on your PSP; if not, create one.

    7. There should be a folder called "100MNV01" inside the "MP_ROOT" folder, if not create it.

    8. Drag and drop files into the folders just as you would save files in another folder on your computer. Video files go in the "100MNV01" folder.

    9. Disconnect your PSP by first clicking on the o on the PSP Player, or on the PC "Safely Remove Hardware" on the bottom task bar of a PC usually on the lower right hand side, down by the clock. Then unplug the USB cable and press the circle button to return to the home menu.
  4. gremlin6996

    gremlin6996 New Member

    Thanks 4 the help

    Ill try this the version i have i think is 3.4 or 3.5