Alternative to Slysoft Media Player

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    I'm a newbee, so maybe this is all ******, or already discussed before, but I wanted to share my ideas.

    A lot of people are concerned that playback of backed-up blu-ray movies will no longer be possible soon. The current versions of PDVD that allow playback will probably be revoked soon. Making a media player that is not controled by AACS is certainly a solution, but there is probably a much more elegant way.

    Why not adapt virtual Clone Drive so that it can mount a unencrypted iso-files as ENCRYPTED BD-ROM disc? Official media players should not be able to tell the difference play back the movie. Problem solved!

    Slysoft can decrypt AACS, so encryption is no problem. MKD en VolumeID can be freely choosen by Slysoft, so the reading of KCD can easily be emulated. The only thing to do is cracking a blu-ray drive and get the necessary ID's and keys to emulate the communication between the drive and the player. I wouldn't even be surprised if a HD DVD drive like the XBOX add-on (which firmware can be read as an open book) could also do the trick. Maybe hard to do, but I think a lot easier than writing a complete media player from scratch.

    This also has following advantages:
    - BD+ doesn't need to be cracked, since playback is done by licenced players
    - only one drive model must be hacked. AACS can surely not revoke all players of that model. If it takes 3 to 4 weeks to master a new release of the drive revocation list, a new drive must be hacked every month. A drive of the same model can be taken, using the same hacking procedure. After a couple of iterations it would become clear even to AACS that they cannot win this fight and by then free players might be available anyway.
    - the option can be made payable so James will get his revenge and punish all those who bought Blu-ray instead of HD-DVD.
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    Please do not swear in the forums. Thank you
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    Just because you can decrypt something doesn't mean you can encrypt it - that would require a LOT more work.

    ...It may actually be easier to simply fool the software into thinking non-HDCP complient hardware is HDCP complient. But this is speculation on my part.
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    Alternative to Slysoft Player

    I have all my DVDs in vob format on a drive as an archive.
    I have now just started with HD DVD ISO backups (Newer PowerDVD version wont play files just disc or ISO on hdd grrrrrr).
    I have a couple of tv shows and movies downloaded from iTUNES.

    My take on this if it was possible to get them all in the same format and the "quality" be near the original..that may be a good direction to go. I.e. if the converted files ranged in "quality" that reflected the originals' quality.

    This is the notion of a common denominator or universal playable file format.

    It seems this would make files fairly universal if you don't mind playing from a PC/MAC/iPod/portable media player.

    My take is that H.264 Mpeg-10 is a fairly high quality standard. Only problem is that while VOBS of regular DVDs are easy to handle, HD DVD and Blu-Ray may be quite complicated (as I am finding out).

    The nice part is one can convert and compress based on need of space, output and so forth. For me, I want high quality while someone else may want one that can play on a standard TV, or an iPOD etc. Convert at will and resolution is negotiable.

    Just a thought

    PS - If I am off the mark here, please let me know.
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    Allot of users here wishing for a HD/BD Player maybe if there is allot of replies here saying they would buy it if slysoft puts one out may do the trick will it not? I mean I made a thread on reclock but it took about 3 months I think before they said they will rewrite it. WHy not the same? It is amazing what the power of voices do and if I was to corporate a player why not just wrap it with reclock? Just some ideals.
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    arcosft's media player will solve the problem of no hard drive playback.
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    Yeah, if it ever comes out. The Japanese beta has been out for months, but news about when the rest of us can try/buy it.