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  1. Tipping

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    I am getting the same issue. Trying to use Handbrake. I understand it isn't the best for this, but it's what I currently have.

    My log is attached.

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  2. Adbear

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    It's not the same issue as it's not even the same disc. You are using Handbrake and it isn't picking the correct playlist. If you look in the AnyDVD Status window you will see the correct playlist to choose
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    @Tipping you're NOT having the same issue as it is a completely different movie AND the playlist is mentioned. You're also NOT saying what the problem is you're having. If it's not knowing what the playlist is you have to select. That's a mutli-year old HANDBRAKE problem. Handbrake uses it's OWN title numbers and you need to pick the one that corresponds with the mpls number anydvd mentions
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    Sorry, my fault, I am a dumbass. I uploaded the wrong log.