All Profiles Have Disappeared!

Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by cheapherk, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. cheapherk

    cheapherk Active Member

    For no apparent reason, every single one of my game profiles disappeared. This happened before, but all I had to do is shutdown GJ and restart.

    I searched for a solution and tried what was recommended in this thread, but it did not work. All of the files mentioned in this thread are indeed in the folder.

    Is there anything else I could try?

    What would cause this to happen?
  2. cheapherk

    cheapherk Active Member

    Help, please.
  3. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    There is supposed to be another update in a couple of days that addresses allot of fixed issues.
  4. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    The fix as posted in the other thread should have fixed the issue. You could try one of the other maplom.lib_x files

    FYI these are backups of the GJ profiles with maplom.lib_1 being the newest and maplom.lib_5 being the oldest.
  5. Spathi

    Spathi Guest

    I am new to all this but the same thing happens to me every time I try to add more than two or three games or maybe it is when I hit a game that does not work in GJ. I have three games out of 20 so far that do not work in Game Jackal (NFS Underground, Far Cry and F.E.A.R.).. I got them from e-bay from Europe.... looks like I will have to buy US games in the future for the profiles to work.

    The ones that go missing I then have to re-add using "Profile Management" "New Profile" and selecting the correct profile and adding the correct info. Use the following folders and open the corrupt "maplom.lib" file to look for matches
    ..\Game Jackal\Profile Maps\Collections
    ..\Game Jackal\Profile Library
    Then delete any old duplicate profile Collection files and matching Profile Library files.
    Hope they fix it, as it is a lot of looking about in folders and cut and paste.

    p.s. there seems to be some junk about "Serious Sam 2" in the "maplom.lib" file.. maybe this is what is causing the problems as I do not even have this game.

    oh, and i am using the beta version
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  6. cheapherk

    cheapherk Active Member

    Should have, but didn't. I just started over again after giving the previous suggestion fifteen more trys.
  7. matthew

    matthew SlySoft Team Member

    v3 should do a better job at preventing this. We are also making further changes in this area for the next release. Hopefully this issue will be a thing of the past.