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    My original AVP disc has only slight scratches but plays perfect in several DVD players, including my Oppo 970HD. After I backed it up I tried to edit the backup with DVD Shrink but received an error.

    "Invalid DVD navigation structure"

    Shrink won't load the movie.

    Playing the movie back directly via the VIDEO_TS IFO, WMP 10 says it's an "unknown DVD." Media Player Classic 6490 loads with the Play button depressed but the screen is blank and there is no sound.

    I'm a registered user using the latest 6130 version. AVP is the only movie I have that I can't edit after a backup.
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    Sounds like a bad original. There are some products that can buff out scratches (repair discs), but I don't know how effective they are.
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    I'll see what I can do to clean up the disc, but it's odd that it plays back with no problems. Perhaps my BenQ is having difficulty with this particular disc, dunno. I'll try cleaning it up but if it doesn't work I'll just have to buy a new AVP DVD (this is why I like to make backup copies).

    Just to confirm--AnyDVD will back up AVP, right? I understand this movie has been problematic to others on various forums like Doom9.
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    Yeah, it should. Old movie . . .

    Do step 8 from and post your results here please

    I doubt it's your Benq drive. This is the only disc you're having problems with, correct?

    Discs can play back fine on standalone dvd players, but still have problems in drives; this fairly common actually (especially for discs that are defective in some manner).
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