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    I know this question has ben asked before. I used search option but could only come up with that AI scanner works with most disks. That doesn't answer my question. What is the difference than just disabling it?? What does the AI scanner do?? Can you please give me details??
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    The AI scanner is intended for use with video-dvds that contain structural copy protection (some examples include Sony Arcoss, Protect-dvd, etc.) The AI scanner scans through the dvd's menus to find all playable titlesets. In this manner, the AI scanner can then ignore all of the bogus titlesets and simply choose to include only the the valid titlesets that the dvd player can play. In theory, the AI scanner allows Slysoft developers to update Anydvd less often to deal with newer structural disc protections. However, there may still be some bugs in the AI scanner that need to be ironed out.

    You should allow the AI scanner to be enabled unless you encounter problems.
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    Thanks for your time