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After setup CD drive disappeared

Discussion in 'Virtual CloneDrive' started by Marmot, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Marmot

    Marmot New Member

    Hello to you all!
    I have been using Virtual Clone Drive for quite a long time on many PCs, but today I had a problem that I never had before: I tried to install VCD on a PC with OS Windows 2000; everything seemed to work, but after installation the CDrom drive had disappeared (and didn't appear even after I had uninstalled VCD) and I couldn't set any virtual unit.
    Do you have any idea about how to restore the CDdrive; and have VCD working? And why did this happen?
    Thank you!
  2. Ronan

    Ronan New Member

    Possible help

    I am no expert at all, but im looking for help myself so thought I make the effort I mite get good karma lol. I'm prob bein too simple, but if you install VCD, then go to VCD Prefs in the Virtual Clonedrive file, theres a drop down menu for the number of drives you want to use, and perhaps it was for some reason disabled on yours...? Mite help. But not sure im afraid
  3. pseudo555

    pseudo555 Moderator (fr)

    Try to desinstall the primary/slave ide channel in the Device Manager (->IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers) and reboot.
  4. allanjr

    allanjr New Member

    Missing CDROM problems also

    We found a similar problem, in a PC with two CDRoms. In Device manager the CDRW displayed as a red-X, indicating it was unavailable. We simply right-clicked the CDRW and chose "uninstall" then rebooted. The two drives appeared normally after the reboot.

    (By the way, changing the number of Virtual drives does not help.)
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2007