Adjust display frequency... How?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by stricko, May 27, 2008.

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    Hi, I'm new here so bear with me in this is old territory, but I have done the usual searches.

    The product description splattered all over the web says "You can even adjust the display frequency of your monitor for both NTSC and PAL displays". I buy a lot of US DVDs so this is obviously very interesting to me. I've downloaded a trial onto a HTPC running Vista Home Premium, and without any config it's solved a number of Region setting issues.

    But, when playing a US DVD (Heroes specifically), I'm still getting the usual slight uneveness in playback for NTSC material.

    Does the adjustment of display frequency happen automatically, or is it something you have to configure. I had a quick look but couldn't find anything that looked like it would control this.

    Anyone now anything that might help (or could point me to some standard material that I've probably missed.

    FYI the drive is a LG GGW-H20L
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    see settings, "Program Settings", "External Program", check "Start external Program on Media Change ...", there you will get some tabs where you can configure this setting.
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    many thanks, I'll have a look tonight