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Adding new subtitles to a DVD

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by DizMan, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. DizMan

    DizMan Member

    Hi there!

    This is my first time here - so please be gentle! 8)

    I've got a huge problem! Our always lovely 3-year old daughter just wrecked my wife's favourite dvd. Bummer!

    But not to worry: Of course I've already backed the disk up to my HD using my licensed latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. :p

    So far so good... The problem is just that I by mistake didn't include any subtitles in the backup. Bummer again!

    What do I do to regain my wife's happy smile?

    I've mangaged to locate various subs for that movie on the net. These subs are in different formats, for example *.SRT. As far as I can see they can only be used for DivX movies - and not dvd.

    What do I do to be able to include subs to this movie. It should of course give me the best possible movie quality and be very simple to do...

    Do I have to convert the dvd to DivX and burn a dvd-r/cd-r with the DivX + the subs (my stand-alone NAD dvd-player supports that) - or can I convert the subs to some format that can be included into my dvd files?

    Please be very specific in what to do and what utils I have to use - cause it is my first time, remember!

    Thanks in advance! AnyDVD/CloneDVD rocks! :bowdown:
  2. dulejov

    dulejov Member