Add: Preserve UDF timestamp (discs timestamp) and file and folder timestamps

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  1. Fabiane49

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    Hi there,

    I have a lot of DVD and Bluray and want to backup them all up because they are starting to break. But I have not found an easy way in AnyDVD HD (GUI) to preserve the original timestamps from the disc (UDF format) itself and the files and folders timestamps. AnyDVD HD sets current transfer time.

    Windows supports 3 timestamps in Windows Explorer: Date created, Date modified and Date accessed.

    The expected behavior is.
    When I copy a DVD or Bluray with AnyDVD HD, it automatically and by default sets the main folder (the folder that takes the name of the disc) to the timestamp of the disc (UDF format). The same behavior then applies to the rest of the data on the disc (files and folders + subfolders).

    Mostly there are only these 2 timestamps that are different: Date modified and Date created.

    Date accessed has mostly the same time as Date modified. That means if Date accessed is not available, it always takes the Date modified.

    Can you add it? Thanks. :)
  2. mmdavis

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    Look for a shell extension called SKTimeStamp from Stefans Tools. It allows you to change the Created, Last Modified, and Last Accessed date from Windows Explorer.
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    thanks for the reply. But this is not what I am looking for. I don't want to manually set every single timestamp from the source via shell extension after copying.

    I want AnyDVD HD to set all available timestamps from the source to the destination, plus the disc timestamps (UDF) for the main folder.
  4. James

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    I don't understand. Simply copy with your favorite copy tool, like total commander, which can preserve timestamps. AnyDVD being a real time decrypter ... etc...
  5. Fabiane49

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    This file manager does not create a main folder with the disc name and the UDF timestamp (timestamp from the disc, if available). Additionally, it does not preserve the Date created timestamps of the folders and files. I have also not found an option in the settings in Total Commander 9.51 to change this.
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  6. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    There is a setting in Configuration -> Operation -> Copy / Delete -> "Copy Data / Time of Directories"
    But this was just an example. Copy from the command line? robocopy? I don't know, pick any tool of your liking.
    What I was trying to say, it is out of AnyDVD's scope. e.g. AnyDVD "copy to folder" does not copy files from DVDs identically, the disc is remastered / remuxed. Preserving file dates makes no sense, if the copied files or even the names are different.

    If you copy to iso and mount with VCD, you have everything identical. Files, dates, and so on.
  7. whirlpool

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    “e.g. AnyDVD "copy to folder" does not copy files from DVDs identically, thedisc is remastered / remuxed”

    remastered OK, but remuxed ?
    Really ?
  8. Fabiane49

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    This option in Total Commander has no effect. It does not preserve all timestamps. Date created is set to current time.

    I do not use command line tools because I have no experience with them. I'm just looking for a user-friendly software with GUI, preferably a file manager that can do that (but haven't found one). Therefore, it is more convenient if AnyDVD can do this immediately.

    Rip Video Disc to Harddisk...

    That's right this function does not copy all folders and files from the disc and the copied folders and files + main folder have a current time for Date created, Date modified and Date accessed.

    There is no comparable function in AnyDVD, like Rip to Image... which copies all folders and files with their timestamps. This should be changed and a third option should be added under AnyDVD tray.

    Almost everything is preserved. Clicked with the right mouse button on AnyDVD tray and clicked this option:

    Rip to Image...


    Then a xxx.iso file was created by default in C:\Users\Windows\Documents\xxx.iso, the xxx.iso file has the same name as the disc name. The files and folders all have the same timestamps (Date created, Date modified, Date accessed) as the source and all files and folders were copied.

    But the xxx.iso file has a current timestamp and not the original disc timestamp (UDF). When Rip Video Disc to Harddisk... a main folder is created with the name of the disc, but not all files and folders from the source are copied. As already said no timestamp is preserved.

    Currently I only use the Rip to Image... option. Can you support this read and set disc timestamp (UDF) for the .iso file, mostly there is only 1 disc timestamp and this disc timestamp should be set for Date created, Date modified and Date accessed as the source. Additionally in AnyDVD tray -> Settings... -> Status the disc timestamp should be displayed.
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  9. whirlpool

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    When Rip Video Disc to Harddisk... a main folder is created with the name of the disc, but not all files and folders from the source are copied.”

    Bothered - Not (I’m assuming it is not actually remuxed, that would not be ideal!)

    But for Rip to image, why should the ISO have any other date time than that created by the Windows file system ? - it’s a file.
    Mount the ISO and use ‘safecopy’ all the internal date/times will be preserved.
  10. Fabiane49

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    Some years ago I had used a tool, I don't remember the name and it shows me the disc timestamp (UDF). So I know that most discs have an additional disc timestamp (UDF), this is not a typical timestamp of internal files and folders on the disc.

    I would like to have these disc timestamp set automatically for the .iso file. Originally I wanted for disc timestamp for main folder, but the function Rip Video Disc to Harddisk... does not copy all files and folders and their timestamps. The alternative idea is this disc timestamp function for Rip to Image...

    One option in AnyDVD is enough for me to set the disc timestamp when creating an .iso file, it does not have to be enabled by default.

    After a long search I have now found a file manager that preserves all 3 timestamps of the mounted .iso when copying the internal files and folders.

    Multi Commander

    See the screenshots, I have enabled these options to make it work.

    image 1.PNG

    image 2.PNG

    image 3.PNG

    image 4.PNG
  11. whirlpool

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    The standard specifies the filed RecordingDateandTime as a binary representation of the moment of the primary volume's creation, written to the 376th to 387th byte of the Primary Volume Descriptor in the following format:


    Good luck with that ! If you were expecting RedFox to do it.