Absolute processor speed needed?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by Flyboy, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. Androo79

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    Very, very, very well said. If you build a system today that only meets the minimum requirements it likely will not be good enough to play the movies that come out a few months from now.
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    If you know how to fit a graphics card into a mac mini, you're a better man than I, Gunga Din.

    It's tearing rather than stuttering... The TV is only capable of 60 and 50 Hz at 1080p and the problem seems worst when the disc is encoded at 24fps.

  3. Faye

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    I think that's unlikely. Unless people are going to be expected to upgrade their HDDVD set-top players?

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    Ahhh the magic word.............MAC. My condolences. :D No slot, no card.
  5. Androo79

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    Set top players are designed to only play HD-DVDs and can handle the higher encoded movies. Computers are designed for many uses and there are not many products that are currently optimized to play HD-DVDs.
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    The AMD (ATI) 690G/690V integrated X1250 class IGP supposedly has HDCP support and a top resolution of 2048x1536. Hardware MPEG4 playback decode isn’t quite supported though they seem to have addressed it in some way,…..

    No IGP is great but it might be one of the best IGP solutions out there and while I personally wouldn’t want to be dependent on it for HD DVD and BD application it might get someone’s foot in the door.


    But again its not really a good idea to shoot low and try and scrape the bottom of the barrel. Its better to shoot for the stars and address every aspect of the system by being "sure" that it is more then adequate,.....or suffer the screen stuttering consequences.
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    So what do I do now???

    I've got an AMD dual core 4200 with 2 gigs of RAM, and a ATI Radeon 1600 (512 Megs of RAM) PCI-E graphics card. I am using the X-BOX 360 HD-DVD drive through a USB 2.0 port connection.

    AnyDVD-HD took several hours ripping King Kong to my hard drive; I gave up after 8 hours and aborted the rip. I also purchased Cyberlink's PowerDVD Ultra version but the video is jerky, the sound goes off and on, and it is impossible to watch.

    Do I need to upgrade my graphics card? I've already spent $30 for AnyDVD HD, and a $100 for PowerDVD Ultra. Any suggestions would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.:doh:
  8. Octavean

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    Do you have the “Enable Hardware Acceleration (AVIVO)” checkbox selected in Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra?

    What CPU utilization are you looking at?

    What OS are you using XP or Vista?
  9. hiro1030

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    In my case, it took me about 1hour and 10 min to rip KingKong to HDD using a single core Athlon 64 3800+. CPU usage was like 30%.
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    I ripped King Kong to my harddrive with my computer also, that is not the issue, it is playback.
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    I was responding to palavering's post.

    Sorry about confusion.