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    I will admit that I have not read everything in How-To's and FAQ's, but have a question that I am not sure if it has been address before, but probably has been addressed.

    Will some DVD's work properly with older versions of AnyDvd, but as AnyDVD versions increase the software may change to the point to read newer releases, and the older movies stop being recognized properly.

    Such as I have bought some older movies and tried cloning with the latest version of Anydvd 6137 and it fails in cloning however if I uninstall and reinstall an older version of Anydvd it will then clone perfectly.

    Is this just a theory I have or is it a true fact due to the program updating to read newer disc with more encryption that the program changes and sometimes it will stop working properly for older discs with older encryption.

    Just curious as my user name states:

    I am the Curiouz0ne
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    If you have run across discs that cause a problem then I suggest you create a log file of the problematic movie and post it. Newer updates shouldn't break support for older movies and their protections. Also specify which software you used, what specific error messages you received, etc.

    AnyDVD is supposed to support both new and older discs that make use of new and older protections. Of course it's always possible for problems to arise. Report them when you run into them. :)
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    Ok thanks, I was just curious because I have found this uninstalling the new and reinstalling an older version to work on some older disc's but maybe it was coincidental, maybe my system just needed to be rebooted and once I installed the old version it rebooted and fixed some windows issue. I use the same software always AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, the newest versions of both.
    This is what is odd. I just tried 3 times to clone Becoming jane, took disc out several time's and finally I was following the procedure to report it, I told slysoft to create a logfile, anydvd read the disc, then I started Clonedvd and started cloning the disc as before so I could save a screencap of the error message and guess what? It cloned perfectly without errors.

    All I can say is it is wierd sometimes. "If at first you don't succeed try, try again." and inbetween try cleaning the disc and re-booting your system, I guess. It seems to have worked for me.