About to burn my 1st BD

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  1. thedatman

    thedatman Well-Known Member

    I never got a BD-RE disc. So I want to see if This is all I need to do.

    Using TsRemux I lowered the size from 36g to 23.7 and I was going to use Nero burning rom. For a single layer disc most of the yellow is showing. The max is 23866mb and nero say my burn is 23716. Has anyone tried to cut it this close?
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  2. damnskippy

    damnskippy Well-Known Member

    Nope but Nero should tell you if it wont fit after you hit the burn button. Since it is an RE you can format it again anyway so go for it and let us know.
  3. thedatman

    thedatman Well-Known Member

    No it's not an re but as you say nero will say if it won't work. Never doing it and knowing how may cd/dvd coasters I have I'm chicken
  4. thedatman

    thedatman Well-Known Member

    Nope it failed. Good thing I waited and got an RE disc. I'm trying a smaller backup. If this fails I will follow the guides closer.
  5. thedatman

    thedatman Well-Known Member

    after many errors it looks like I have my 1st backup. I kept getting "invalid block address" errors at the end of the burn. I even got it on this one but I closed thr tray and before I knew it the movie was playing. I was burning the movie " IN " the folder and it did not work.

    I want to thank everybody for all their work. The guides, the programs,

    and mostly slysoft, :bowdown::clap::rock:without them non of this would be posible. to quote rlung

    thank you rlung for your guide:rock:
  6. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    The 'Invalid Block error' is because you're trying to burn to much to the disc and you're running out of space
  7. thedatman

    thedatman Well-Known Member

    Thanks, that makes since this burn was 23.1g but it worked