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    Hello everyone,

    I have some questions about the meaning of some keywords attributes in a common CCD file for CloneCD 3 or 4.

    I have crawled the web but I found no clearly accurate information about that.

    Question 1)

    In the session section of CCD file there are always two keywords “PreGapMode” and “PreGapSubC” like below :

    [Session 1]

    where N is in [0,1,2]
    where M is in [0,1]

    What is the meaning of each value of each keywords ?

    Question 2)

    Each track of each session described in CCD file use the descriptive block below :

    [TRACK 1]
    INDEX 1=0

    I know that it means Track one is Mode 2 data type and start at sector 0.

    But sometimes the descriptive block comes like these :

    [TRACK 1]
    INDEX 0=M
    INDEX 1=N

    Now I suppose INDEX 0 means a sort of pregap starting at sector M for audio track 1 where sound really start at sector N, but it’s a guess.
    Is it right ?

    Is it possible to have something like that :

    [TRACK 1]
    INDEX 0=0
    INDEX 1=N
    INDEX 2=M
    ans so one …

    If yes, what could mean all those indexes ?

    Is it possible to have the same layout for a track in mode = 1 or mode = 2 or is it only for audio tracks ?

    Thanks for helping me better understanding CCD file structure and description.

    Good day to all