AACS, BD+, or Both?

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    Thanks to all of you keeping tabs on what new titles are able to rip. To summarize to this point, it appears that the new releases from the major studios are not rippable, at least not on BD. What we need to find out, and maybe someone already knows this, is if these BD titles are unrippable due to AACS, BD+, or a combination of both. I think a way to go about this would be to try and rip an HD DVD version of a Title we know is unrippable on BD. For example, we know that Troy The Director's Cut is unrippable on BD, but is rippable on HD DVD (thank you to whoever let us know that Troy was unrippable on BD, I then purchased the HD DVD and it ripped with no problem). This was a Warner release. We also know now that The Reaping from Warner is unrippable. If someone who has purchased the HD DVD version of the reaping would give it a shot and report back then we will know if Warner is instituting the new version of AACS on their discs. If The Reaping is rippable on HD DVD then Warner must be using BD+ on BD releases.
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    The Reaping is rippable on HD-DVD.
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    Thanks for the info.
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    The reaping is also ripeable in European BD version
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    Thanks, I will make a note on the lead page.