A Simple Favor [BD U.S.A]

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  1. Steveredrum

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    I'm trying out the Trial Version I copied the Film after 6 mins I get the screen pass message
    can you have a look please.
    So once this has been updated via Anydvd I will have to re-copy the Film again
    then I should have a Standalone Blu-ray Copy Backup ready - Thanks

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  2. Pete

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    Please try again now.
    (If you have a software Blu-ray player installed, like TMT, WinDVD or PowerDVD, you can just insert the disc with AnyDVD running and play - no need to copy for testing)
  3. Steveredrum

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    Thanks Pete I will try it now I think you saw my mistake I put A [U.K] Film but It Is [U.S.A]

    Super Works 100%
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