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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by diverjones, May 13, 2007.

  1. diverjones

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    Okay, I have been using AnyDVD for several years now for my DVDs, but I rarely if EVER purchase an audio CD anymore. I just do not want my money going to the RIAA and if I purchase a CD I buy a used one. Let some other poor saps money go the the RIAA, I will pay him back. Anyway, I have heard about audio protection schemes but have never seen, nor do I have a compact disc that has any protection schemes on them.

    I just purchased a brand new Hilary Duff CD (scammed on that one, thought I was purchasing an autographed photo of Hilary, instead I get a pre-print) Last brand new CD I will purchase...(I hate being scammed by big industry) any way, I put the CD in my laptop with AnyDVD running and checkout the info page.

    AnyDVD reports rather proudly "Additional sessions found and removed from this audio cd!". Now, this cryptic message means nothing to me. It does not tell me that protection schemes were found and removed. Is this message something that I should be as proud of as AnyDVD appears to be?

  2. Crusher

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    You should be very proud of this. AnyDVD is indicating that it has found and removed CD Digital Audio protection. Very few CD's actually contain this protection, but the ones that do prevent you from importing the CD into your computer in the format you wish. It forces you to import it as a Protected WMA file, which is useless if you own an iPod, which millions of us do. To make a long story short, AnyDVD has removed the copy protection on your CD and you can now do whatever you wish with it.
  3. calweycn

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    Multiple sessions could also have CD-ROM content like videos, screen savers, wallpapers, photos, lyrics, and so on. It could be malware or copy protection, but there's no way to know. Basically, AnyDVD says "better safe than sorry", and removes extra sessions from the disc. This might not always be what the user wants if the disc has extra content he can't access.
  4. Rich86

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    Enhanced CD probably

    Yes - This is more likely just an "enhanced cd" (sometimes called "cd extra") which means it has an additional session with video goodies or a link to a web page or some other additional content. You may find the logo for '''enhanced cd" or "cd extra" on the cover.
  5. diverjones

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    Apparently, its just some lame extra content on the disk. I have autoplay turned off, so once I disabled anydvd and ran the CD it took me to a picture of the front of the disc and showed me a link to Internet extras which also were lame. Oh, well. I still have no copy protected CDs. I thought at least after being gypted out of my authentic autograph, I could at least state I had a copy protected CD out of all of this, that I could strip out. :) Seems I do not even have the pleasure of taking that away from them.

  6. mmdavis

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    Just be glad it wasn't one of those Sony discs with the virus/spyware/protection/cause we can that really did mess up a lot of people's computers.
  7. waxman

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    Dude you deserve to get scammed for buying anything to do with Hillary Duff, and you call yourself a man!!! :disagree:
  8. Crusher

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    Thank you for saying what we all had in the back of our minds... :clap:
  9. diverjones

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    :disagree: Alright, geez let me explain. I collect celebrity autographs as a hobby. Now, I have autographs that span generations from Gentleman actors such as James Stewart to pop stars in music. I did not purchase the CD audio disc for the music. The whole package was billed as actually getting Hilary Duff's autograph on a 5 x 7 card. Now, the last month I did the same thing with Beverly Mitchell and was well pleased.

    Beverly was the FIRST audio CD I had purchased in over 4 years, preferring to download music and individual tracks instead of buying CDs. When I did purchase a CD in the RARE occasion, I purchased used from individuals instead of through a store.

    So, I purchased the Beverly Mitchell AUTOGRAPH and the way I looked at it, I got the Audio Disc as a bonus, so when the Hilary Autograph deal was presented to me, my reasoning was I could purchase the Autograph (knowing that was the ONLY way I would get Hilary's autograph) and if the CD was any good, that would be a bonus too.

    That was when I got scammed. The Autograph I received was not genuine, it was a pre-print. Anyone in the autograph collecting biz knows that to be a cheap, low down shot at autograph collectors. Hilary signed ONE card, and then they printed hundreds of them with the signature mass produced on the card. It is Worthless. That is what made me mad. I was interested in advancing my collection of autographs, and I got burned by DUFF and the industry to further their canned unoriginal, cookie cutter noise they call music.

    Now, have a little sympathy for me please.

  10. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Retired Moderator

    You really don't need to explain anything. For all anyone knew you got the CD for a girlfriend, wife, significant other, etc.

    But... I already figured out why you got it from the first post, anyway. :) It's just a shame that you got shafted. :mad:
  11. Crusher

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    Yes, whoever you bought it from should have outlined exactly what it was and indicated that it was not a genuine autograph. Hope you didn't spend your life savings on it.....

    P.S: Sorry for jumping to conclusions about you and Hillary Duff... :eek: