A problem with ConvertXtoDVD

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by ArgoDave, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. ArgoDave

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    I have used this software many times to successfully burn .avi files to DVD format, but one .avi file in particular just will not convert, when viewing it in the preview panel the picture rapidly goes all pixelated and soon after the conversion attempt fails. I've looked in other forums recommended by the VSO software people like ClubCDFreaks but I have not been able to find a useful answer. Anyone else here had this problem?
  2. Houdini

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    I would first run GSpot on the .avi to see if there is anything unusual going on.

    Then I would try to convert it with dvdSanta.

    If the problem persisted, I would figure the .avi is bad. (I often use dvdSanta as an interim converter on my way to ConvertXToDVD. It handles almost all formats, e.g., .mpg, .wma, .rm, etc.; I even convert .mp3's to audio DVD's with it.)

    If I got a working set of .vob's, then I would re-author them with ConvertXToDVD.

  3. ArgoDave

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    Thanx for the tip, I'll look for those apps and give them a try. Funny how I can watch the .avi with WMP and it's fine. It's a rare DVD rip of the movie Meatballs and I'd hate to give up on burning it to disc, it's impossible to find at any local video store.