A Private War

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by slovell, Mar 1, 2019.

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    Made a backup of this movie with version 64 bit and it won't play. It shows up as a data disc when I try to play it back in my Marantz UD-5007 and when I try to play it back on my PC with CloneBD is says Wrong Medium Present and won't play on it either. Bummer.
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    Bluray Disk "A Private War" backup to harddisk mit anyDVD and handbrake 1.2.2 and got a mkv file:
    Only German Language, no English Audio track got and no subtitles.
    That means: German language without any subtitles is working fine.
    mkv file is displayed by vlc 3.0.6
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    @frederik70 sadly that means nothing. You didnt use cloneBD to make the mkv, nor did you do a disc backup which is what the OP did. So the fact that you only got german language (audio and subs) is completely irrelevant. Completely different use-case scenario.
  4. frederik70

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    you are right: Completely different use-case scenario.
    But I experienced some unusual problems too, just to indicate that there might be some format problems concerning this disk.
    I assume this title is not very main stream. Nobody might care of?
    And: you are right. I'll create an iso image and use this as source for the handbrake procedure ..
    Thanks a lot.
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    If you experienced some problems then we can only assist you if they're happening with redfox/elby software. Issues due to conversion with handbrake for example there's very little we can do

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