A new Blu-Ray to rip, What software shall I purchase?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by al7amimi, Sep 4, 2017.

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    Okay, I have two blu-ray discs on the way to my address, one from the US that supports regions A/B/C, and the other one is from the Amazon German store amazon.de that supports Region B/2, Region A/1. What software shall I purchase from here in order to rip both discs? I also need an external blu-ray player for my laptop, so please recommend one for me. My laptop have 2 x USB 3. It also provides a USB 3.1 type C. The total RAM is 16 GB. The graphics Card is GTX 1060. My OS is Windows 10 Home with Creative Update, and I use MPC-HC to watch movies on my laptop...

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    If all you will be doing is ripping to internal or external HD and then watching the rips from the HD then all you really need at a minimum is AnyDVD HD. It will rip the entire movie to HD. If you plan on ripping just Movie only Then CloneBD is a good companion to AnyDVD HD. As for external BD players, there are a lot of choices and it also will depend on if you are looking for something small and portable or if you want a fill size drive which you can put into a case. Some folks don't like the performance of the small slim portable drives and opt for buying a full size 5.25 in internal BD drive and then put that inside of a USB enclosure. I guess it depends on what you want before others could make recommendations. For playback I have a couple of the slim drives by LG and Pioneer. They work great for DVD and BD disk playback, but are kinda slow when ripping IMO. They are small ,therefore good for carrying with the laptop when traveling. I use my Tower PC with internal 5.25 BD drives for Ripping. LG and Pioneer both make decent BD drives IMO.
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    Thnx for the reply. What I am after is ripping the disc, and then converting the main video, audio, and subtitle tracks to MKV using MakeMKV. I already have a legitimate key MakeMKV. I don't have plans to encode the movie/audio, I will leave it as it is. The Extras will be placed in a separate folder. Regarding the size of the player, I don't care, if 3.5" is best then that is fine, I will just place it in a USB enclosure. But there are plenty of BD players, and I don't know which one to pick. So, I would appreciate a maker and model number. Also, if you think that a specific USB enclosure is best, then feel free to recommend a specific one for me.

    So, you are saying all I need is AnyDVD HD? What is the role of CloneBD?
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    AnyDVD will serve as the decryption / region removal tool. CloneBD is like CloneDVD and CloneDVD Mobile combined and similar to MakeMKV. Just a lot easier to use and a lot nicer GUI :)
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    Oh thats what CloneBD does... What about the BD player and USB enclosure?
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    If 5.25 in drive is what you want, then I have an LG BH16NS40, and a Pioneer BDR-2209. I like them both and they are both equal with respect to rip speed on my system. The Pioneer is really quiet and I can hardly hear it spinning when ripping or playing back a disk. For that reason I like it a little better, but the LG is a capable drive as well. I don't use any 5.25 in USB drive enclosures so I can't recommend any of those. Maybe someone else will reply with a recommendation.

    It seems that with the way you want to rip disks CloneBD is not necessary for you if you like the way you are doing it now. CloneBD is the Blu-Ray equivalent to CloneDVD. It will allow you to do movie only rips and remove audio tracks that you don't want. It can also create MKVs as well. You can read more about CloneBD here https://www.redfox.bz/clonebd.html
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    I think I will get both AnyDVD HD and CloneBD. They are not expensive.

    Thnx for the help...
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    You are welcome.
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