A friendly word of advise to staff and Longtime members for dealing with disgruntled customers

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BRCS, May 28, 2016.

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    I have been watching every post on this forum daily and i am seeing staff and well known members being hard on people that just realised that the just installed the latest version through updates and now it asks you to purchase again.
    I am sorry but a majority of people have no Idea what took place they never come to the forum and I am not happy when I see use the search function..I think all of us that that said we would support the new Redfox pretty much have but keep in mind that turning customers away with a simple link to what happened is quick and easy it is then up to the old customer to make up their minds if they really need it or not.
    I find use the search function terrible we said we would support the new Redfox project but many of you are turning away potential customers which is not a good theng we promised to support the new Redfox Project please direct then to the proper links is it really that hard.
    Just a few words of advise from a retired salesman.
    Thank you,
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  2. Ivan

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    Thanks BRCS for pointing this out, I agree with you.

    Most people don't know about the switch to RedFox and the story behind, so they are just pissed off. Finding useful information in thousands of posts is also very hard, so they just post same questions again and again, sometimes nice and sometimes rude. Just normal human behaviour.

    The forums moderators are doing a great job in the front line and trying to help everybody. They are volunteers and are doing this for free. And if same question is going to be asked again and again, sometimes in a quite rude way, I fully understand when mods are replying in same manner. Just normal human behaviour.

    At this point I want to thank our moderators for what they did and still doing for this project, without these guys we would - for sure - not have a forum anymore.
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