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    Elaborate Byes and Slysoft... and now RedFox have a long-standing business relationship for obvious reasons. Slysoft was also an official reseller of Elaborate Bytes software in the past. Elaborate Bytes doesn't have its own forums but there are forums dedicated to helping users with the software here both with Slysoft and now RedFox. It makes complete sense to also host the software on the website especially the ones that Slysoft used to be a reseller of. In short, it isn't new that CloneBD has been on the website. You just could not buy CloneBD from Slysoft and AFAIK RedFox will not be reselling any Elaborate Bytes products once the purchasing system is up and running because the focus is on RedFox products.

    With respect to your opinion on the stability and status of CloneBD that is your opinion, Homeworld, and the best support for it comes directly from Elaborate Bytes since they develop it. I have no answer on your problem and it might require a developer to look at and answer your question. Regardless, that doesn't belong in this thread.
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    Then do what has been asked by Pete and others to help squash those bugs . Also there was a full 21 day trial that maintained full functionality after expiry it just added a water-mark to the output that's all so no-one made you purchase until you where satisfied with product. So again if you are having issues with cloneBD please create the threads,post both logs (you have been told how to make cloneBD create one),and description of errors so they can continue to fix things for you. After that you wait for help from the devs should be no problem since you own it.
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    They've said not to continue talking about CloneBD in this thread so I won't. I always get told that when they disagree hahaha. It's general chat no? Giving up can't have an opinion here without a mod. Lets just say I've reported every bug and have emailed too.

    I'm not sure if people in this thread have been pirates before. It's all money. When I was younger my family had €10 a week for food due to a government department. Do you think I would ignore the best software for the job just because I couldn't pay €70? Have you guys seen how much 3DS Max is? [Edit: I want to clarify that I'm not advocating piracy but the state of mind of the average pirate, thanks]

    You know what, A pirate will defend what they do and they'll become online privacy advocates just to protect their right to pirate. The excuses demonstrated by the Xbox.

    The Original Xbox = I modify my console so I can play games from the hard disk. I hate discs.
    The Xbox 360 = I modify my console because discs get scratched/ruined. I want hard disk installs.
    The Xbox One = I hate Microsoft because they put DRM on the Xbox One so I can play games from the hard disk.
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    Nobody said you couldn't talk about CloneBD in this thread.

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    It's really simple. Report CloneBD issues in the CloneBD forum where they belong. You managed to work in a bug report here how?
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    Perhaps I had a point about value for money and piracy?

    I'm sorry, just touchy because I'd been banned on this site before because I mentioned a competitors product whilst helping several people, hence the mention of CloneBD instead.

    For example pay money for an application, you report at minimum 9 bugs via the forum, emails and in-app bug logs. To date none of those problems are fixed within the software. You feel the software is not really ready for sale, yet it's on sale. What incentive is that to buy the program. If there's not enough incentive for someone that paid for their software (Yes, Me). What incentive is there for a pirate? The software just has to be good enough and priced directly to interest them.

    Microsoft knew that in Russia and China that Windows 7 was on sale on the streets prior to it being launched. Charging €300-400 was out of the question, people just couldn't afford that or were just not paid those kind of wages. Instead they had the people surrender the pirated copy and hand over $2 for a real license.
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    Yes. Ignore it until you have €70 or find an alternative you can afford.
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    That isn't how pirates work, they won't do that, they'll get the free copy, run the crack and feel sexy when they see the registration information page registered to "I woz ere 1998"

    Indeed if I search my regions Google (not the region I visit this site from) for AnyDVD HD (and another keyword) I just found 362,000 hits in 0.34 seconds. Now that's a lot of customers. I type another keyword, I get an additional 282,000 hits.

    TorrentFreak is a website that thrives on alerting pirates on the dangers of being caught and how to avoid them. 90% of it's userbase is made up of pirates. If you can't entice them into buying, they're never going to buy. Really you can't avoid their view or their mentality it exists, it's an unavoidable problem, look at Ubisoft's pirate accusations and fights. The fact lifetime licenses are being invalidated (through whichever process) is only going to make them more belligerent and less likely to pay up too.
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    I do know SlySoft AnyDVD was a pirate favorite, new versions were available on torrent sites within minutes of release.

    I have noticed that the last pirated version was, nothing newer than that.

    I have my suspicions why there are no RedFox AnyDVD 8.x.x.x versions being torrented. All I can and will say is, "Good Job, RedFox Team!" :)
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    hmm, i wonder why ^^
  11. FurryGuy

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    I could always PM you why I think there are no pirated 8.x.x.x ;)
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    Just finding out about the demise of SlySoft, I had a couple of questions and you just hit on one of them. Don't users in the U.S. have a right to legally have one "back up" (fair use) copy of any digital media they legally purchase? If so, the copy-protection doesn't allow a direct copy. One must first find a software package such as AnyDVD to break the encryption in order to be able to back up digital videos.

    Secondly, there are a lot of people who are upset for having to purchase a second license for the RedFox version of the same software. Apparently, the software is exactly the same and the registration key was carried over to the RedFox version from AnyDVD. Wouldn't it have made a little more sense that, given a name change and even though the software is the same, that RedFox would have started on, say, V 1.0.0 instead of picking up where AnyDVD left off? It might ease the tension of feeling like the AnyDVD key should carry over instead of having to buy a new one with simply an improved version number...

    My apologies if I am asking repeat questions. I have tried following and reading the tens of thousands of posts but have not had very good luck with finding the answers to the questions I pose.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I noticed that you are on HDMI 4/ARC port. Might need to switch to a non-ARC port. Just a suggestion... :)
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    Yes, users have a right to back up their movies. The trick with the law is that you DON'T have a right to circumvent the mechanisms to prevent you from doing exactly that. Effectively making the backing up illegal.

    As far as the RedFox licensing goes, please use the search. That's off topic for this topic and everything you need to know is either available on the forum or through Google.
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    Thanks for your help! ;-)
  16. Dan Kaz

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    Aside from my right to back up DVD's I purchase, let's not forget those of us that use media players or want to convert a movie to a format more suitable for our electronic devices.

    My movie library is almost exclusively in .iso format with the ability to skip past those long unyielding previews and messages when I want to. I like to watch coming attractions - but being forced to watch them before any movie is unacceptable.

    Thank you for keeping the AnyDVD torch going. I applaud RedFox for their efforts.
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    The funny thing about this, is that the term fair use gets thrown around a lot here. But I have been buying dvd's like crazy, for about three months now. Many of these second hand. mostly in very good shape. And a good third of these still have their digital copy code card inserts still in them. Mostly expired, but some of them are still usable. As far as I can tell starting in about 2007 almost every dvd comes with a digital copy code. So not only do the studios want you to have a backed up copy, of your movie, they want you to have one for your pc, one for tablet and one for your phone. All included in the original price of the dvd.
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    You got me...... I am as pirate as they come. Arrr.... mate copy copy copy my treasure... pull your cheaks out on your face and say "I live in a pirate ship" ;)
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    Yes, it's very interesting that RedFox managed to protect their application from piracy, are they asking certain sites to remove the software, you know that site that prides itself on taking down content on request so they can be left to continue pirating other things?

    I do see things out there but surely even if you mess with the application to make it appear registered, the online components and databases aren't going to work. They'll keep an eye on registrations and key usage anyway I'm sure. I have my lifetime license though so....

    I don't think this method is that great if RedFox crashes too, but I guess some companies can learn something from Ubisoft ;)
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    It's sad that we live in a society where nobody wants to play nice. Pirates are stealing movies - forcing manufacturers to come up with way to protect their investment. The honest consumer is between a rock and a hard place (at least in the USA) in that backing up a DVD using a product like Redfox puts the consumer in the position of potentially breaking a law because the process they used may be considered illegal. In the end, everybody pays. The movie industry increases their licensing fees, the movie houses charge more, DVD cost goes up, and an occasional "honest" consumer is made an example of in the court systems.

    RedFox protecting their investment is no different than the movie industry protecting their content with encryption. For those of us who want the convenience and benefits of having unencrypted DVD's, we don't have many options other than supporting companies like RedFox, and hoping that they survive the scrutiny of our legal system. Digital copy code cards are a start (for backup and electronic copy), but as another poster said some of them don't work anymore (expired) for older DVD's.

    That said - You go RedFox! I applaud and support your efforts.