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    If you are referring to HdFury or something, I prefer a software solution to a software problem. Plus the HdFury does not scale, if I play a UHD bluray on a standalone player it will strip hdcp but pass the 4k signal, which my AVR and projector cannot accept. I need it scaled to 1080p in the computer, but maintain color and 4:4:4 from the downscaled 4:2:0 2160p video
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    Video out computer into HDMI splitter to whatever device, amp TV and best case to computer again via capture card. ;)
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    Let's please stay on topic. :) We already have a thread talking about HDMI splitters, etc.
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    Piracy - possessing (either making or downloading) a digital copy of a movie/song I didn't ever pay for. MPAA loses a sale. AACS loses royalties for decryption and encryption. #counterfeiting.

    Fair use - Maintaining a working blu-ray player (paid AACS decryption royalty) and also Buying a Blu-ray disc that contains a movie (MPAA gets paid) that is digitally locked (AACS encryption royalty gets paid). Making a decrypted backup with AnyDVD-HD so that I can add the movie to my Home Theatre software of choice (along with my 4,400 other files) AND also make my movie playable on my Smart TV, my PCs, my laptops and my android tablets and phones. Keeping the Blu-ray forever (or until I delete the backup). #not being gouged by greedy corporations so that they can sell me multiple decoders and multiple copies of the same movie for different devices.

    Complete and utter market failure - Throwing millions at the government to criminalize your customers who have spent 10s of thousands of their own dollars to buy copies of your movies over the last decade, instead of using those millions to scrap the hodgepodge of movie and TV services and instead develop a super-portal (like Itunes has for music or Kindle has for e-books) that has ALL movies and ALL TV shows, is easy to use, is reliable, and works on all devices/OSes, so that I no longer have any motivation to break a digital lock. # epic fail learning from the record and book industries # alienating your best customers

    Immoral - Passing a law that makes me a criminal for ensuring that I'm able to play a movie I already paid for on any of my devices, just like I can with my legally purchased 100,000 MP3s or 3,000 e-books, instead of having my back as a voter and telling the movie and TV companies to get their act together and develop a super-portal for me to buy and play ALL my movies and TV shows on, thereby removing my motivation to defeat any of their digital locks and making my criminalization completely unnecessary. #government "for the highest bidder" instead of "for the people"

    ...but the important thing is, I'm not bitter.
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    Dear lurkers from the MPAA or AACS-LA or appropriate "alphabet" agencies.

    I buy about 20 newly released movies/TVshows each month and keep them forever. I make a decrypted file-copy backup of each one and add the movie to my HTPC software. I have over 4400 movies and TV episodes.

    If Amazon (for example) was licensed to provide e-copies of their (exhaustive) physical movie/TV catalogue, I could download those same 20 movies in full 1080p (instead of buying the discs) and I could add them to my existing HTPC movie library or migrate my old files to some new software like Kindle (which would work on my HTPC and my laptop and my android tablet, etc), THEN you could considered me a great customer (based on my buying patterns) instead of calling me names like "pirate" and lobbying my government to arrest me.

    ...we'll set aside for the moment that you would still encrypt the movies so I couldn't back them up (unlike most e-books through Kindle and mp3 files from iTunes which I can export and backup)...I would still probably drink the cool-aid.

    I'll likely be alive for another 30 years or so. Looking forward to trying out Kindle Movies (or whatever it is called) before then.
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    Which is of course not the case for every pirated copy. It might be true for some, but many copies are just downloaded, because you can, not because they would have bought the movie otherwise.
    And than there are the cases that you get your hands on a copy which might be pirated and decide to buy the movie afterwards, simply because you like it.

    Of course, there are no reasonable numbers for neither, simply because the industry likes to "guess" their own numbers instead of doing some real research which would be turn out less harmful than they would you make believe.

    The real concern is the counterfeit business, imho, as that is targeted at costumers willing to pay for movies (and other stuff). I once received a fake DVD box. I got my money back from PayPAL and I immediately reported the seller to the studio. If everyone would do this when receiving a counterfeit, they would probably vanish pretty fast. Of course, I ordered the DVDs I wanted again from a different seller.
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    Hollywood created monsters like aacs DRM and hdpc. So if they are so smart why cant they offer a system that allows users a 1 copy stream option with a protection so we can stream to a top box in our home? Then this issue will be solved. And include a lifetime replacement of any movie if the disk is damaged or corrupted. Send in the old disk get a new. Now this is a great idea. We get to stream our movie inside our home and protect our purchase. Have a protection to prevent copying to unprotected format. I'd be up for a one time key with your disk. Enter it in and download a program from studios to extract movie only with protections to stream. This key registered to a set email (like a steam game account);and home address. You log into a steam type servuce to see approved blurays to decrypt to your network. With a program or firmware running on hardware or top boxes this would keep the product secure. Then there would be no argument for fair use. They need to listen to their customers or pirates will have a market. They have this for DVD in a way..... Why not a Blu-ray as well. I'd even buy a top box support this key system to support the movie companies to stop pirates. All we want as users is to view our material in our home and on our store bought Blu-ray players. Just my 2 cents. This stays on topic. If not delete it
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    Not to forget the regional differences, which also can be big let down for collectors. It makes no sense that a movie does not come with all the bonus material in all parts of the world (for instance the Galaxy Quest Blu-Ray), or if a certain audio track is only available on DVD but missing on the Blu-Ray (for instance 13th Floor's German dubbing and commentary tracks), or movies have big differences in picture quality around the world (for instance Adams Family Blu-Ray) etc..
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    If I were an Executive at ANY of the Hollywood Studios, then I can honestly say, I would be very glad to see the Little Red Fox Back.

    I truly believe that Disk sales would have suffered severely.

    Like a lot of people on here, I would have very much reduced my purchasing of Blu Ray. In fact, not even bought into the format in the first place.

    We are not pirates, we buy your goods and do nothing with these goods that would worry you. Nothing at all.
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    Geeze..... Raid my house and find my daughter watching a disney bluray in her room on the wd tv. Break into my home only to goto court to have me lay the original disk before the jury telling them I did not want my disk to get ruined by the very child who is watching it. I bet yah any jury would throw this out of court. Think about it......
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    The best way for the movie industry to get rid of AnyDVD is to make it obsolete, ie. get rid of all DRM and just sell unencrypted media and downloads.
    The music industry got there, and yet it still exists. So can the movie industry.
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    This article is so well thought out and written. I agree with everything you said. I buy all my movies and just want to rip them for my Apple TV and iPhone. Trust me I don't need to share it, the stuff is easy to get without any of our help.
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    This will never go away the Studio created this monster not the buying consumers. Put this way their GREED created the problems they are crying fowl about.

    They talk about blue in the face but they could care less about this.

    This is not market failure if it was true they be paying the Artists more then the CEO GREEDS.

    That is Lobbyists paycheck....

    I doubt others would agree though..
    That is a big Dream that will never come true.
    Good reasons but unfortunately industry will not agree with you.
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    I definitely go back and forth about this reality. Google has gotten so good at tracking what I do in Chrome that I have found it unnerving to see "news" and entertainment catered to my current interests. On one hand, I have found items that were "recommended for me" quite interesting and entertaining, on the other hand I fell in love with the internet because of the excitement of discovering all that is out there, even the weird crap I that is completely different from the world around me. I don't need others to filter my life for me.

    As far as the topic goes. I got into XBMC for the media extender capabilities long ago. I had a ton of DVD and started getting very annoyed at the FBI warnings, previews and crap I would have to sit through just to watch a freaking movie I owned. Started learning how to rip and convert them using DVD Decrypter and Gordian Knot. I actually believe I wasted a ton of time learning how to do all this JUST because DRM was really pissing me off. I loved doing it though, so it was not all wasted time.

    As the industry has progressed, the main reason I loved my XBMC started not being so special anymore. With devices like Apple TV, the Media Center experience was becoming mass marketed. As Apple and Android started making media easy to access from the cloud across many devices, I stopped needing to convert my Blurays to portable formats for vacations. But even with the portability you get with iTunes and other digital formats, I still end up buying multiple versions of the same movies or TV shows simply because my family loves them, so I just pay for the convenience. I still love watching my new Bluray from Kodi and not my PS3, only Bluray player I ever purchased. I love the way I can present my movie collection with Kodi, I don't think any mass market product will ever be able to do what it can do.
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    Don't want to be the spoil sport here but I think reality is a bit different than most people are writing in this thread.

    I know that at least one member of this forum claims to backup discs but belongs/belonged to a pirate release group. I know from a former bootlegger that the whole bootlegging scene in Germany is using AnyDVD to rip BDs or DVDs for their use. Further I know a lot of people who are using AnyDVD to rip rental discs. AnyDVD for them is a reason NOT to buy discs anymore but rent them for 50 cent and return them an hour later. Actually I don't know anybody except myself who is using AnyDVD for the intended purpose of decrypting bought discs for personal use.

    Sad but true.
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    I think your hanging around with ALL the wrong people.
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    I swear Rathbone80 bought a ton of my copied blurays last week. Where can you rent movies for .50 cents? Sign me up, lol