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    Hello. :)

    Is there there a checkbox option to disable the AI Scanner always? If I do this will discs requiring it fail to process in DVD Shrink or Recode, thereby alerting me to turn on AI? Will they also fail with AnyDVD Ripper?

    I ask because I don't want AI always on because of issues I read about some discs having chapters missing as a result of it. I'd rather the rip either succeeded fully or failed. I don't want to have to wonder whether parts of a film will be missing.

    The other question is: Will whatever it is that makes "Shoot Em Up" work entriely with and not be incorporated into the next final release?
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    I do know that James is working on a fix.

    In the past, when Anydvd wouldn't work at all, you'd be waiting for the next release to fix the problem. Now, instead of waiting, you can sometimes use workarounds like the one that has been posted.
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  3. tebugg

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    yes there is an option, right click the fox icon in ya systray, click on settings. under video dvd click on settings. under AI scanner click disable. this will always disable it till u turn it back on. disabling AI scanners with discs that have structural protection will cause nero and shrink to fail during the scanning process. they will also fail with anydvd ripper, u will get a fileIO error. so in short, if a disc has structural protection, anydvd uses the AI scanner to take care of that. which is why the default setting for anydvd is to have the AI scanner enabled. almost all the big dvd rls's will have sum kind of structural protection on them.
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    Thanks for your help.

    I'm just a bit concerned about errors in backed up DVDs showing up later, but the rip appearing successful.

    Is this something that people find happens to them?
  5. tebugg

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    if u use imgburn, and u verify your disc after the burn, imgburn will read the sectors of your disc, if it comes back successful u shouldnt have read errors show up in the future, unless of course the disc gets dirty or scratched.
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    I mean't more the problem of missing chapters due to the AI scanner making a wrong decision. Anyone had that happen?
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    It's unfortunate when there is a problem and something gets removed that shouldn't but in the world of making a backup you should always check the backup before burning it to disc. Doing this has always been a smart idea even before the A.I. Scanner was implemented.

    You can notice most of the problems when a chapter gets removed by viewing the disc from the DVD drive with a media player like PowerDVD with AnyDVD running in the background before even ripping the disc.
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    So would it be sufficient just to count the chapters before and after?
  9. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    I'm not sure I understand what you are asking. Chapters are not the same as Titles or even the number of VTS files you'll find on the actual disc. IMHO it's best to pop the disc in the drive, and go through the menus, check going to view the movie and watch a few seconds of each chapter, skip to the next, etc. Also go back to the menu and go to the special features and check them out, as well. If they all play right and are there w/o error then rip the disc. You shouldn't encounter a problem if it played right from the DVD drive but I still tend to double-check the rip from my HDD before burning. Usually when I have an error on a burn it's because I was lazy and didn't check or I was a moron and screwed something up accidentally which wasn't the fault of the software.