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    I have a couple of questions for all of you.

    1) I am using AnyDVD HD and Handbrake and I am trying to convert the Star Trek 2009 to an MP4 file to put on my entertainment server to stream to my TV through my Xbox. I have copied the largest file from the streaming folder on the BD disc to my hard drive. I have verified that this is the movie. I have selected it in Handbrake and set up my conversion settings. However, it will not automatically handle the audio. I have to choose an audio track. The problem is I can't find the English audio track. I have found the french and spanish, one with nothing and one with commentary, but no English. Any one have any idea how I go about getting the English track?

    2) What program do you use to convert the BD files to something like MP4 or AVI or whatever? I have tried Nero but it is very slow and seems to crash more often than work. What I would like is something that could convert a BD to a DVD as well as convert the stuff from a BD to MP4. I am surprised that Slysoft hasn't stepped up to the plate with a program that does this. So I am open to suggestions. I have no interest in a multi-step program. I have no intentions of dealing with video and then messing with the audio and then combining them later after running them through something else.


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    1. That is a handbrake issue, not an anydvd problem. Anydvd cannot remove audio tracks or prevent other tools from detecting them.

    2. Slysoft can't step up to anything, they were shut down by the Antiguan authorities years ago, they're dead and burried. elaborate bytes however developed CloneBD.

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    Your problem is you're doing it all wrong. You can't just grab the largest m2ts file and feed it to HB. The reason you can't find the correct tracks is all the info (language, etc.) is in the mpls files, not the m2ts.

    You need to just feed the blu-ray folder itself to HB, not an individual file. Remember that HB does not do decryption. You still need AnyDVD for that.

    Or do like Ch3vr0n suggests and use CloneBD. MakeMKV is also a nice option.

    If you want to convert a Blu-ray to DVD, both BD Rebuilder and Clown BD can do this.

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    VSO Software also has software that can convert a Blu-ray into a DVD.